Duran Inci

7 Strategies to Build and Optimize an eCommerce Sales Funnel

Successful eCommerce sites understand the importance of building an eCommerce sales funnel that converts. This is the best way to optimize your marketing campaigns, measure success, increase sales, and get repeat customers. You need to understand the customer journey and how visitors behave when shopping online.  Some people might bounce right away. Others could get […]

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10 Blockchain, NFT, and Smart Contract Platform Ideas in 2022 Using Solidity Programming

Blockchain technology has opened the doors for new opportunities such as NFTs. If you’re an entrepreneur or business-minded individual, there are tons of ways to make money in the coming years.  How can you make money with blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts?  You’ve come to the right place. After extensive research on blockchain trends and […]

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BigCommerce Migration and Replatforming Guide

If you’re thinking of moving your eCommerce site to BigCommerce, this guide is for you. Replatforming your eCommerce site is a big step. But it’s often necessary if you want to scale, make custom changes, or fix problems with your existing eCommerce solution. Throughout my career, I’ve assisted with thousands of eCommerce migrations for sites […]

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What is Stealth Marketing and How Does it Work?

Stealth Marketing, also known as undercover marketing, is an aspect of marketing in which an audience is not aware that they are being marketed to. It is marketing incognito. To use a parallel, if the marketing industry were for example, the military, the stealth marketers would be the covert ops, secret agents, spies, and ninjas. Stealth marketing tactics are meant to market to one’s subconscious. The objective would be to make someone feel that they need or want something, without actually going out and saying buy this, our product is great, or check this out. Stealth marketing uses intricacies and subtleties to lightly hammer a message into your mind. Those who have used it thus far have reaped massive benefits.

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12 Ways to Optimize eCommerce Product Pages to Increase Conversions

Having an optimized product page is crucial for any eCommerce business. Optimized eCommerce product pages can increase conversions drastically. This is the number one method to increase conversion rates on platforms like Bigcommerce and Shopify. You can have an amazing eCommerce site, offer some of the best products in town and provide a seamless checkout […]

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Top 4 Bigcommerce Functionalities To Increase Conversions, ROI, AOV and LTV

BigCommerce is a great option to host your e-commerce store. Their easy-to-use dashboard, affordable plans, and 24/7 support team are hard to beat. Although BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform, outsourced functionalities and apps are key to taking your store to the next level. Utilize the help of useful functionalities. So your store can create […]

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How to Market and Introduce Pet Products

How to Market Pet Products Online

The pet industry is booming. As a business owner with an e-commerce store, there has never been a better opportunity to take advantage of these trends. 67% of households in the United States own a pet. That’s 85 million families. This article will teach you how to market pet products online. The population of pet […]

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Advanced Faceted Search Using Algolia API

Algolia Search API Integration as a Custom Faceted Search and Filter

When implementing faceted searches, tools such as the Algolia database will provide the framework and infrastructure that you need. They will allow users to narrow results as they search for products while providing a reasonable number of matches.  Leveraging Advanced Faceted Search for eCommerce Conversions Why is a faceted search an important eCommerce functionality? […]

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What Does SEO Stand For?

What Does SEO Stand for?

The acronym SEO is most commonly known for the words Search Engine Optimization. This sounds very technical, so what does it all mean? Most of us go on to Google every day and search for something. Whether it is a product or service we desire, news, people, or just general inquiries, Google is the most commonly used and searched platform in the world.

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