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4 Web Design Tips for Casinos

The common casino web design is full of vibrant loud colors with bold big text to lure people into the site. What these casino web designers missed is that people looking for a casino to go to are not looking for the flashy casino experience online, they are looking for a trustworthy casino that they believe offers the most enjoyment on-site. Start your web development process by first thinking of the elements:

  • Fonts
  • Navigation
  • Headers
  • Logo
  • Color scheme

When you have determined the specifications of each element, you then should think about the journey casino goers take on your website. What are they looking for? Should you put promotions on the home page? How many photos do they want to see? Ask yourself these questions and develop a web design plan for your gaming establishment.

Custom Web Design Services for Casinos

At Optimum7, we have an in-house team of professional programmers and developers that have designed websites for numerous industries. Our developers have the skills to design an eye-catching website that will deliver conversions and build visibility to your casino. Our web design services include:

  • Website optimization
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Custom functionalities

…and many more. If you are dissatisfied with your current platform, our programmers have also migrated hundreds of websites with little to no errors.

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Do's And Don'ts Of Casino Web Designs

A successful online casino site has to focus on the winning experience all your patrons want. Determine the type of atmosphere your casino creates and mirror that on your website. When it comes to web design you want to think about the journey web users are taking to get to your casino site and where they go from there. Do you want to tell them immediately about your new promotion or should be its separate page?


  • Place call to actions strategically
  • Add photos of real people
  • Optimize for UI/IX
  • Define the look and feel
  • Maintain fast loading speed


  • Use an overabundance of graphics
  • The text is boxy and long
  • Overload the site with colors
  • Pop-ups every other minute
  • Make the site only accessible on desktop

Design With SEO in Mind

Your website will be judged according to the content and the structure of the elements. If your pages, blogs, or articles, and missing the proper H1, H2, H2, etc. then online users will have a hard time reading and navigating through the site. When you design with SEO in mind, you are enhancing your customers experience on your site by letting them know exactly what to expect from reading a paragraph or where to find information.

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4 Web Design Tips for Casinos to Attract Visitors

Web Design Tips For Casino Websites1. Plan Your Design Before You Start

Going in blind to discuss web designs with your team of developers is a surefire way to have a casino site that is too flashy and not optimized for better user experience. Take a piece of paper or anything you are comfortable sketching on and start developing a map for your online casino website. This will help you and the digital marketing developers visualize your wants and needs for a great website.

2. Make Your Home Page The Priority

The reality of web design is if you succeed on the homepage you are on the path of exponential growth, it takes web users about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. Chances are there are thousands of results for the searching “best casino” so, if your website is not attractive to the user they will simply go back to the google results page and click on the next option. You want your casino to be the one gaming hub they click on and stay on.
What is your value proposition? As mentioned before, you have limited time to lure potential casino goers in. Make sure to have your value proposition is above the fold and lets users know how they will receive a valuable experience from going to your casino.

3. Clear Call To Actions

Call to actions or CTAs play a vital role in getting a user to the final conversion step. With clear call to actions that drive your value proposition home, you can see increases in traffic at your casino and revenue. Make sure your call to action stands out by using bold colors and leveraging negative space to set it apart from the rest of the elements on your website. Include a click-friendly button on CTAs that appeal to your users and makes them want to get their game on with you.

4. Leverage Whitespace Properly

White space or negative space are the areas on your website which do not have any content or visual elements. These areas are left empty on purpose in order to enhance your user’s experience. Skilled web designers at Optimum7 know the importance of white space and how it transforms an average web design to a professional design. Some benefits of using white space to your advantage are:

  • Creates balance
  • Highlights call to actions
  • Increases content legibility
  • Prevents distractions

… and the list can go on. Your goal is to provide a casino website for your customers that is uncluttered and provides clear information on the gambling experience they are in for. A professionally done casino website will have even amounts of negative space with eye-catching elements to complement those areas. Remember, not every single part of a website is potential retail room. Allow customers to navigate through your website without feeling cluttered and bombarded with copy.