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Pharmaceuticals Website Design

With over 100 million adults or 85% of all American internet users go on the web to search for healthcare related information. You do not want to be the pharmaceutical company no one knows about because you have no online presence. Pharma was one of the latecomers to the world if digital marketing, the industry has flourished into hundreds of pharmaceutical websites being created each year. Nowadays these websites are judged on more than the information they provide at face value. It is about providing consumers with a website that has innovative:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Interactivibility
  • Copywriting
  • Ease of use

For pharmaceutical companies employing these elements increases web traffic and significantly increases revenue streams coming into the company.

Web Design Services for Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and medical website designs are getting more and more innovative by the day. With over 425 billion dollars invested in the industry, your pharmaceutical company will need to do something drastic to keep competing among thousands. Optimum7 has worked with companies in the health care industry for over 12 years, we know what your company needs to be on top. Some of our web design services include:

  • UI/UX optimization
  • Custom programming
  • internet marketing
  • mobile responsive designs

…and more. Reach out to us to discuss the plans you have for your pharmaceutical company.

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Know Your Consumer

Consumers who visit pharmaceutical web sites are not looking for overwhelming content. They are most likely looking for something specific. A content that will help them conclude their search for a specific drug or help them get to a doctor that offers it. Over 55% of online consumers will use the internet to find out more about a specific drug, with help from web marketing experts your pharma website can be the go-to place for these web users.

Every person who lands on your website will go through stages of awareness, action, compliance, and persistence. If they enjoy purchasing the drugs your company offers. Your goal is to retain as many web visitors as possible and making their experience as enjoyable as possible.

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5 Website Design Strategies For Pharmaceuticals

Use Color Strategically To Direct Attention

Studies have shown how color can influence moods and emotions for humans. You want to touch your customers on a subconscious level. And to achieve this you will need to use color to communicate your brand’s personality and culture. Ideally, you want to use a color palette that is soothing and inviting. Your web visitors should feel reassurance and validation when they go onto your company site. As a pharmaceutical company, you will have various types of visitors from B2B to BCB due to the information you can provide for both.
In addition, successful pharma companies use colors to main continuity and a sense of cohesion across the entire site. Determine what color palette you will use but make sure to include a striking alluring color highlight different sections of the website and focus on important details.

Work With A Unified Theme In Mind

A key factor in how customers perceive your website is how you maintain the brand image through a unified design and theme. When an online web visitors land on your pharma site, the home page will be the first page they see. You want colors, background images, and the logo to all intermingle together with purpose. Background images should draw attention to the viewer. But if these images have text above them you do not want to make the mistake of overpowering the image to the point where visitors cannot read the copy.

Once you have figured out all the elements you want your pharmaceutical website to have made these elements the main features of the site. A confusing web design layout will lead to users to exhaustion and mistrust because, something no company wants to have.

Optimize For Mobile Users

Mobile use has taken over as the primary source of traffic most companies have. Users are browsing the web from tablets, smartphones, and more so, why not optimize for mobile users. You’ll want to conduct A/B testing of:

  • Colors
  • Header size
  • Images
  • Video quality
  • Pop-up banners

When you create a responsive website your pharmaceutical company will allow thousands of internet users to access your site. Without responsive mobile design, you are possibly cutting down more than 50% of potential leads from viewing your website. Google will see that you are not mobile friendly and will cut your ranking down, making sure you are not found in organic searches. Optimizing for mobile users will benefit your pharma company in the long run and short run.

Navigate With Ease From The Homepage

Fuse depth, accessibility, and innovation in your navigation to increase your overall traffic and reduce your bounce rate. The complex industry of pharmaceuticals means navigability is increasingly difficult because of the various types of people searching for pharmaceutical companies all for different reasons. Do not overwhelm your consumers with a cluttered, messy, and distracting home page.

Make your homepage ultra scrollable where visitors can find most of the information they need about your company and the products you provide with links to these products. A navigation bar at the top of the page will help visitors figure out which section of the website they are on and help them navigate to other pages.

Optimize Your Content For SEO

As you create your plan of action for your pharma web design, have search engine optimization in mind. Your online visibility depends on it. Search engine giants such as Google and Bing will constantly crawl your website to make sure you have clear:

  • Heading tags
  • Optimized URLs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Valuable keywords

Web design for pharmaceuticals means more than an alluring website because if your site has no relevant content and does not provide value to people searching for health care related topics than there is no way your company will be noticed online. Using high-value keywords throughout your pharma site will help doctors, patients, hospitals, and more find you online and do business with you.