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PPC for Pharmaceuticals

PPC can be a vital component of a pharmaceuticals web strategy due to the influx of high-quality leads, sales, and patients. The pharmaceutical industry is extremely competitive because for every drug there is on the market you can find thousands of companies selling generic versions of it. Competition is online is only getting worse even though the FDA has set rules and regulation to challenge the use of advertisements online.

If done right, your pharmaceutical company can create a revenue-driving pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign that will set your brand apart from thousands of others.

Pharmaceutical PPC Advertising Experts

At Optimum7, you can find a team of digital marketing specialists that have worked with hundreds of clients in the industry. You can bring in high-quality potential customers to your pharmaceutical company with optimized PPC advertising done by experts. We offer services in:

  • Ad and content creation
  • Bid optimization
  • Landing page creation
  • Analytics setup

…and more. We are happy to help you develop the right PPC campaign for your pharma company.

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What is PPC?

Search engine giants such as Google and Bing allows companies to run paid search advertising. You have most likely seen a PPC advertisement when conducting a search for something. These ads are typically found at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and are denoted by a small “Ad” icon on the left side of the result. PPC ads are placed on certain results based on the keywords the web user has used to conduct the search.

For example, if someone searches for “how can the bipolar drug Latuda help me”, a PPC ad might be targetting “bipolar drug” and that is why the ad has shown up. As a pharmaceutical company, you can choose which searches you want your ad to show up for depending on the bid you have placed for those keywords. A wise tip is to do the proper research to determine the high-value keywords you should place bids on an optimizing your PPC ad to have these keywords.

Types of PPC for Pharmaceutical Companies

Search Ads

The most common type of search ad id a Google Ad. This type of paid ad shows above the organic search results when you use Google to search for something in the pharmaceutical industry. When a web visitor is already searching for a keyword related to your pharma company, the ad will show up as a result which leads to increases in clicks.

Display Ads

Display ads can be very effective if you are promoting a new drug your company is offering. Though display ads are not the most pharma-friendly types of ads you can still leverage the ability to appear on websites related to the keyword you have bid on. These ads can be anything from text, images, and video ads making them highly interactive.

Social Media Ads

Pharmaceuticals face advertising restrictions and some lay on advertising on social media platforms. More and more companies are using social media though to advertise their company, brand, and any news they have to share. You can use social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms to increase engagement.

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PPC Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Choose the Right Bid Strategy

The most prominent challenge pharmaceutical companies face is the high competition level on pharmaceutical terms. This means creating a successful bid strategy requires extensive research to determine what keywords provide your company the most value in terms of revenue. The keywords you use will require high bids, you want to make sure you are targeting the right market and the right searches. You will want to define your goals as early as possible and have a strategic tracking method to analyze the success of your PPC campaigns.

Create Targeted Landing Pages

An estimate of 49% of drug-related searches are done online and your consumer is most likely searching for something highly specific. Do not make the mistake of having your home page as your landing page for all your PPC campaigns. This will disgruntle your web visitors because they clicked on your ad because it specifically stated keywords they were interested in. users will get distracted if they land on your homepage and stray away from the initial goal of the PPC ad.

The pages you direct your web visitors to should have all the information they need to make an informed decision on the specific drug you offer or anything else pharmaceutical related. Make it easy for them to convert by adding a clear call to actions on your landing pages such as a sign up for an email list or speak to a specialist list.

Optimize For Mobile Users

Over 53% of people use mobile devices to conduct searches, it is naturally something your pharma company will want to take into consideration when creating PPC ad campaigns. Your pharmaceutical company can be found not only at home on a desktop but waiting at a doctors office, in the car, on the way to the airport, and more.

If your PPC ad is not mobile friendly you will be missing out on thousands of potential leads, patients, clients, etc. It is vital for you to create an enjoying experience for your target market and to rank on Google search results. Google has added mobile compatibility to their PPC algorithm. This means if your ad is not mobile responsive your PPC ad will not be number one on the results page and people are 8 times more likely to pick the first result over the third result.

Conduct A/B Testing on Your Ads

Using A/B testing to measure your ad performance will change the control you have over your PPC ads. You can conduct A/B testing by running two or more ads at the same time and analyzing which ad performs the best. You will want to compare the ads according to:

  • Headlines
  • Body
  • Link
  • Keywords used

When you are done comparing the ads using tracking tools you want to change only one element from the ad to see what will make it perform better. Make sure to only change one element because if you rearrange the entire ad you will not know what element is making it convert more users.