About Sezgin Serin

Senior Back-End Developer

Sezgin was born in İstanbul, Turkey. He studied industrial engineering and wrote a thesis on PHP at university. He also studied English at Yeditepe University, after which he earned his MBA. He is interested in Java and blockchain technologies, and he’s BigCommerce certified.

In fact, he’s been working in the field of e-commerce since 2015 and, as a software developer, has led various software teams to achieve their business goals. These include: developing the backend admin panel of one of the biggest media channels; creating payment systems with Java and Selenium technologies; completing the TÜBİTAK project on 5G systems; and designing the infrastructure of a worldwide e-commerce web application.

He also prepared the website of one of Turkey’s leading banks, where retirement transactions can be made. Today, he builds BigCommerce software solutions at Optimum7.