About Yagiz Demir

Front-End Developer

Yağız was born and raised in Bursa, He studied at Muğla University and embarked on his professional journey as a Front-End Developer. In addition to his university education, Yağız participated in online educational programs on software development, such as CS50X, and Fullstack Web Development, offered by prestigious institutions like Harvard and IBM.

Yağız, who started his career in leading textile companies such as Vanelli Textile, and Turkun Holding in Bursa, played an important role in the development of systems used globally, especially by contributing to projects such as B2B sales platforms. He always aims for excellence as a frontend developer and keeps himself updated with the latest technologies in the field. He consistently works on enhancing his skills, focusing on staying current with the most recent technological advancements.

In his spare time, Yağız, who enhances his skills in Advanced JavaScript and Artificial Intelligence, enjoys playing basketball, playing the guitar, and exploring new places.
Primary areas of expertise: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / SCSS / React.js / Next.js / Redux / ContextAPI / RestAPI / Node.js


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