About Orhan Karakopru

Business Development Specialist

Orhan was born in Izmir, Turkey. He studied International Logistics Management, holding both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Yasar University. He also studied Logistics in Politechnika Rzeszowska as an exchange student during his undergraduate studies. Currently, he’s a PhD candidate at Istanbul University, and his thesis covers the topics of Machine Learning and Demand Forecasting.

He worked as a Research Assistant at Nisantasi University between 2016 and 2021. He published 7 academic papers in various journals, and his work has been cited more than 10 times. During his PhD candidacy, he wanted to dig deeper into his passion for technology, so he worked as a Product Manager in an AI-Tech start-up company. He managed to create the company’s first SaaS product and B2B mobile marketplace app within a short time, and discovered his interest in marketplaces and e-commerce.

He is the youngest elected member of the board of directors in İzmirspor, which is a local sports club founded in 1923. He managed the volleyball branch of Izmirspo, during which time he was promoted twice. He created the first esports team in Izmirspor, and in 2022, his Valorant team ranked in the top 60 competitors in the European Championship. He is also a professional petanque player. Today, he is developing his career at Optimum7 as a Business Development Specialist.


Travelling and sightseeing
Learning new things
Going to concerts
Getting to know new people and cultures
Playing and watching all kinds of sports particularly Petanque, Raffa, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball,