About Nickolas Parshin

Creative Director

With a rich 15-year journey through the realms of film and TV, the lens of this seasoned professional has adeptly captured the very essence of storytelling. From the heart of Istanbul to the cutting-edge frontiers of IT and gaming, the result is a trail of mesmerizing game trailers, evocative music compositions, immersive travel experiences, and compelling fashion narratives.

Armed with a prestigious Film and TV Video Director’s degree, their creative odyssey reached new heights at UCLA, where a TV series pilot was meticulously crafted. What sets this individual apart is the seamless fusion of dual expertise in both direction and editing, coupled with a strategic and forward-thinking creative vision. The journey has been marked by pivotal roles at Firework, a trailblazer in e-commerce SaaS, and within the esteemed halls of Sony Pictures Television, contributing significantly to the development of TV series.

Thriving on the challenge of shaping both short and long-form content, every frame becomes a masterful brushstroke in a larger, captivating picture. Navigating the intricate video production pipeline with a keen focus on pre-production, the belief is firmly held that a robust foundation is the key to storytelling that resonates profoundly. A collaborative spirit, unwavering focus, and an unwavering commitment to quality empower them to orchestrate symphonies of visually resonant content. The diverse portfolio, spanning across genres, stands as a testament to their prowess. Positioned at Optimum 7, they stand ready to seamlessly blend strategy with creativity, crafting narratives that not only tell a story but leave an indelible and lasting impression.


Latest technology and computer games
Yachting and Traveling
Synthwave and Retrowave Music