About Irmak Türk

Digital Advertising Specialist

Irmak completed her primary and secondary education in a French school in Ankara, after which she majored in Business Administration with a marketing track program at Koc University. She worked as a performance marketing specialist at a marketing agency where she was responsible for several accounts for a year, from e-commerce to bank applications.

She continued her career as a digital marketing specialist at a British software company. There, she initiated all the paid marketing activities and was responsible for every step of the process, including planning, execution, optimization, and reporting. She gained experience operating in diverse, marketing channels (from e-mail and social media to paid activities and event organization) and global markets, particularly in B2B.

Irmak appreciates nature and is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in need. Her hobbies include bowling, table tennis, karting, board games, and painting — but she’s passionate for yoga, pilates, and personal development. She loves summer for swimming, enjoying a cocktail by the beach, good music, happy people, and tanning.


Spending time with animals
Table tennis