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Top 4 Bigcommerce Functionalities To Increase Conversions, ROI, AOV, and LTV

BigCommerce is a great option to host your eCommerce store. Their easy-to-use dashboard, affordable plans, and 24/7 support team are hard to beat. Although BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform, outsourced functionalities and apps are key to taking your store to the next level. Utilize the help of useful functionalities. So your store can create a positive user experience for the customer. This is really important, if you want customers to keep coming back.

 Here are 4 functionalities that will surely boost conversion and help you improve your eCommerce store. Whether you’re looking for custom functionalities, content marketing, or more, Optimum7 is the right partner for you!


4 Bigcommerce Functionalities That Will Generate More eCommerce Revenue

1- Advanced Search and Filter

bigcommerce functionalities

Help shoppers on your Bigcommerce store find exactly what they want with this feature. Display product names and thumbnails in real-time as users type inquiries into search bars. Improve the navigation on your website by showing customers the products they want sooner.

This feature can filter different categories on the search results page including price, color, size, and more.

Get more sales for your eCommerce website by using a better search function.

The Advanced Search Functionality shows shoppers detailed search results that update while they are typing. The results come with pictures for a better display and easier navigation.

Most eCommerce systems don’t come with an advanced search system out of the box. So it is critical to enlist an experienced professional team to deliver this functionality.

A 3rd party like Searchspring might cost you up to $7,200 annually but Optimum7 can clone this functionality at a fraction of that cost.

Who is it for?

Enhance the user experience on your website with this advanced search functionality. Any eCommerce store would be improved by helping customers find what they want more efficiently.

Optimum7 can implement an advanced search function for almost every eCommerce platform. Including Volusion, Bigcommerce, Sparkpay, Magento, 3DCart, WooCommerce, and ZenCart.

The Difference Advanced Search Functionality Makes

After the installation of this advanced search functionality, you will see an increase in conversion rates. Customers progress through the sales funnel more efficiently when they are able to find products they want faster.

Advanced Search Functionality

What Does It Do?

Display images next to your search results with this feature. Offer suggestions for products when customers miss-spell a word or have only written part of their search inquiry.

The search results can include details like price, model number, and special features or specials. These options are customizable by the administrator.

Advanced Search Functionality Benefits

Dynamic search functions give users a better experience on your website. Move your customers through your sales funnel more quickly by helping them find what they want faster. A better user experience can help create return customers.

This may lead to more sales and greater revenue. This Nextopia and Searchspring Clone Alternative will not cost you thousands per month. You can pay just one time and acquire this feature.


2- Pre-checkout and Post Checkout Upsells

This is a great functionality because it works very well with customers.

Most users are already ready to buy once they view their shopping carts. Make use of that high intent by offering them additional attractive products that they may also want to buy with a pre-check-out upsell functionality for your eCommerce store.

This functionality is smart and customizable, displaying products based on the ones the user has viewed in the past or related to the products already in their shopping cart.

The pre-checkout upsell doesn’t interrupt users. Adding a product to the cart from the related products section will result in a modal pop-up box for the user to select the options for that product. This is great to use if you are trying to cross-sell items.

Once the user selects the options, the modal pop-up box closes and the user returns to the shopping cart page to seamlessly complete the checkout process.

It’s most effective when you can make the buyer believe that you’re offering them a great value or that the products you’re upselling are a perfect match for what they already ordered. We can install this functionality on any eCommerce platform.

Who is it for?

Pre-Checkout Upsell is a great addition to every eCommerce store that sells products that have complimentary items or similar items in inventory.

Almost every eCommerce site can benefit from it and experience an increase in average order value.

This functionality can be used to perform different types of upsells and post-purchase sales for customers shopping online.

Did you know that a targeted pre-checkout upsell could increase your per-order value by as much as 40%?

We can implement the pre-checkout upsell app for almost every eCommerce platform including Volusion, Bigcommerce, Spark Pay, Magento, 3DCart, WooCommerce, ZenCart, and more!

What does it do?

Pre-Checkout Upsell will display products in a horizontal bar below the shopping cart details section of the shopping cart page prior to checkout.

While the web user is going through product pages the functionality will take note of the products they have clicked on to upsell them once they are ready to check out.

Numerous conditions can be developed in order to display exactly the kind of products you want.

Products that are displayed in the upsell section can vary depending on:

  • User’s viewing history.
  • Products in the user’s cart.
  • Seamless options selection pop-up keeps the user in the cart even when adding products from the upsell section.

Pre-Checkout Upsell Benefits

Users who are already planning on ordering something are likely in the mindset to order a few more things.

The Pre-Checkout Upsell functionality can remind them to purchase recommended accessories or similar products to what they already like.

Reach users immediately prior to the critical purchasing stage and begin to increase your average order value.


3- B2B Quoting Functionality

If you can’t send quotes immediately and automatically, YOU WON’T MAKE CONVERSIONS.

By automating quote processing, you can spend less time on paperwork. When customers request quotes they’re sent immediately and automatically!

Customers also have the option to accept or reject these in an email if desired- no need for any additional follow-up with them later down the road either way.

This saves both of us valuable hours which would be better spent focusing attention elsewhere.

Who is it for?

If you are continuously calculating quotes and sending quotes to your customers, then Optimum7’s Automatic Quoting System functionality can make this process more efficient for your business.

What Does It Do?

When customers request a quote on your website, a PDF document with quote details will be automatically sent to their email address.

Then customers can accept the quotes and complete their orders by following a link included in the email message.

If a customer does not accept a quote after a set amount of time, then the quote can expire after a set amount of time.

Benefits Of This Functionality

This functionality is great because it automatically generates accurate quotes for your products. And sends that information to your customers without you having to do anything. It saves you and your customers time and you can trust the results it delivers.

The Difference Automatic Quoting System Functionality Makes

In order to keep customers from going elsewhere, it is important that the quote they receive from you be as quick and accurate.

Don’t make them wait days before receiving all your information. Give them what they want right away.



4- Price Match or Make an Offer Functionality

There are many ways to keep up with the competition, but price matching is one way that you can take your business to a new level.

One of the most beautiful facts about the Internet is you can find pretty much everything, which includes a lot of the same things for different prices. Many times, it takes time and effort to search around for lower prices. That’s why many businesses offer price matching.

The price match functionality allows users to request a lower price for a product on your store. This is done by inputting the users’ information and a link to a competitor’s price. This will be verified by the admin before the price drop is approved. Our functionality allows you to stay competitive in the market!

Who is it for?

Optimum7 created the Price Match functionality for businesses who are interested in giving their deal finding-savvy customers lower prices if and when the customers find lower prices.

What Does It Do?

With the Price Match functionality in place, customers can easily get items for lower prices. All they have to do is enter their information and a link to the competitor’s low price. Then the admin of the website will review the information before approving or denying the price drop.

Price Match Functionality Benefits

The Price Match functionality is beneficial for shoppers because it allows them to buy the products they want for the prices they want and from the companies, they want to buy from. This functionality is also beneficial to businesses because it allows them to keep customers who might otherwise buy from companies offering lower prices for particular products. In most cases, the Price-Match functionality is a win-win for both parties.

The Difference Price Match Functionality Makes

Every person loves a good deal, and every business enjoys making customers happy–and having customers at all, for that matter. The Price Match functionality allows businesses to please their customers and essentially keep customers. Without this functionality, what’s keeping customers from going to other businesses that do meet their low-price needs? Nothing.



These fundamental functionalities will generate more eCommerce revenue and leave your customers with a positive experience.

BigCommerce embodies a lot of what’s right with SaaS eCommerce platforms. By enabling third-party development and including more features and functionality off the shelf, BigCommerce offers a turnkey solution that’s more open to customization.

We can help you determine which functionality is best for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, VTEX, Magento, 3d Cart, WordPress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Episerver, Oracle ATG, and any Custom Cart.

Want to see these functionalities on your eCommerce store ASAP? Contact Optimum7 today, with any additional questions you may have about these functionalities.

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