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Multi Store Front Functionality For Bigcommerce Shopify And eCommerce

Multi Store Front Functionality

Operating multiple online stores from a single control panel can optimize your eCommerce operations. For anyone unfamiliar with this concept, multi storefront functionality might initially seem unconventional. However, with numerous advantages at your disposal, this approach could revolutionize your eCommerce business.

Multi Store Central Admin

Optimizing Your Online Business Through Multi Storefront Experiences

Managing multiple stores provides unique advantages to both your customers and your business. Let’s examine the benefits of an eCommerce multi store:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A multi storefront setup simplifies the shopping process for your customers. Instead of navigating through a broad catalog, they find the products they’re interested in right on a pop-up screen. This translates to an optimal customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Targeted Multi Store Marketing

Operating multiple stores is particularly advantageous if your business caters to different countries. It allows you to tailor your store’s language and currency based on the visitor’s geolocation, significantly enhancing your multi store marketing strategy.

Lower Bounce Rates

Having multiple storefronts gives you a better chance of securing multiple listings on the first page of search results for the same search query. This increases your online visibility and leads to lower bounce rates, a secret weapon in an effective eCommerce SEO strategy.

Multi Store Functionalities: The Backbone of Efficient eCommerce Operations

The multi store feature offers several functionalities that can streamline the management of your online store:

Easy Store Creation

Through the advanced settings of your eCommerce platform, you can efficiently create and independently manage new stores. This is especially beneficial when you need to connect existing stores to your dashboard.

Centralized Control

Multi Store eCommerce

With a centralization feature, you can manage how many stores (~500-600 storefronts or even up to 1000 storefronts) through a super admin account. This makes it possible to add or remove products across all your stores with a single control panel.

Bulk Edits and Updates

You can implement bulk edits to sites, changes, or security updates using custom code manageable via the user interface. This can be particularly helpful when your online business needs to apply changes across multiple stores.

The Power of BigCommerce in Multi Store Management

Multi Store Schema

If we are to talk about specific platforms that offer impressive multi store functionalities, BigCommerce shines brightly. Whether you’re operating multiple BigCommerce stores or considering it, this platform provides a range of features tailored for BigCommerce multi store operations.

From the ease of setting up a new BigCommerce store, connecting existing stores, to having centralized control over several storefronts – BigCommerce provides an excellent solution. Furthermore, BigCommerce enables you to apply bulk changes across your stores from a single dashboard, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

Effectively managing BigCommerce multiple stores requires the creation of an API account. This account will provide you with a client ID, access token, and client secret, all necessary for setting up and managing your multi storefront business via the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

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Multi Store: The Future of eCommerce

Online retailers with a large catalog should strongly consider leveraging the power of the multi store approach. By creating multiple storefronts, you not only improve the customer experience but also provide more sales opportunities within your online businesses.

Contact Optimum7 today to make your multi store management more efficient, more tailored, and more successful. With our assistance, you can harness the full potential of your online retail operation, making your business more competitive in the eCommerce market.

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