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Residential Or Commercial Address Lookup API For CBD Vaping And B2B Industries

Residential and Commercial Address Lookup

Checkout address validation functionality is a system that checks to ensure the customer’s entered address is registered with major shipping carriers as a residential or a commercial address. eCommerce stores can use this verification process to reduce the number of checkout errors and increase conversion rates. Furthermore, there might be compliance issues with certain industries like CBD, Hemp, Vaping or B2B oversized item shipments where the address needs to be validated as commercial or residential.

Our Residential and Commercial Address API functionality is a simple, powerful address verification service that can save you time and money when shipping to residential or commercial locations.

Our geocoding engine API quickly queries all of your customer addresses for validity in seconds, freeing up valuable resources, so they are not spent double-checking if an order needs special handling because it’s being shipped there.

By partnering with Google Maps Geolocation Services (GMS), which has been recognized as one best practice example among other industry experts, our API sends zip code information directly from our site visitors’ browsers giving retailers instant access. However, customers need their parcel delivered.

This custom functionality provides the ability to check an address on BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Miva, WordPress / WooCommerce, and 3DCart platform. If a shipping address is entered, address validation functionality checks both residential and commercial addresses for any type of carrier to enforce accuracy throughout checkout.

Address Verification

What Can An Address API Functionality Do For My Business?

This geocoding functionality within your website provides you with several robust address verification APIs. Our Geocoding Service transforms addresses into lat/long coordinates or vice versa – just in case your app needs to know where an exact location on earth it refers to! It’s more than 99% accurate and has some great features like providing nearby landmarks for context and points-of-interest around that area, including parks & schools (useful if running ecosystem mapping software).

Reverse geocoding allows developers using smartphone apps to find out their latitude-longitude so they can send back this information when queried by remote clients such as iPhone, Google maps, etc.

The address API functionality also provides geocoding for more than 12 million addresses, covering 89% of all households in our market area and 98-99 percent accuracy at a rate you can afford (good luck finding another service with this kind of speed) on links or using forms provided by us – their information is safe because it’s encrypted before being sent through email/text messaging systems like SMTP / SMS, etc. They also support international address verification to help businesses connect better internationally too.

How Does Rooftop Geocoding Work?

The US Rooftop Geocoding API provides a way to geolocate addresses that cannot be found by Google Maps, Yahoo! Locals, or Bing. Some of our customers use it for their mobile app’s address lookup feature and integration in credit card processing companies who need accurate location information about businesses they do business with (eBay is one such company).

It also works well within custom web search engine services like Algolia, which don’t have access rights from other providers but want more precise locations than what can simply come back based on proximity searches using radius values going out 500 meters around large metropolitan areas where many users are located near each another (“neighborhood” lookups) without having specific coordinates.

After an address has been verified, it will be automatically saved to your account for future use. If you have many addresses and would like them all added at once without verification – this can also quickly happen with our bulk geocoding API! This is especially useful if the data that needs verifying changes frequently or location information should not change after being accurate initially (e-mail confirmations). Once these locations are mapped, they never need updating again as longs s there’s no significant movement within each business’ physical space.

Geocodes are updated based on the location data collected from thousands of local authoritative sources, allowing us to update our database continuously. That is conflated monthly with US Postal Service Data for even more freshness in your geolocation matches. And we know you need this because every business out there needs addresses verified as part of their customer experience strategy.

This API functionality is blazing fast, returning results in less than 500 milliseconds daily and often much faster. They can also return up to 100 records at a time for batch processing or high volume use cases with our bulk request options while still providing the most accurate address verification service available.

Address Validation

Save Time and Money with Residential and Commercial Address LookUp API Functionality on BigCommerce, Shopify, Etc.

As an eCommerce owner, you want to seamlessly know the accurate shipping addresses for your customers. To do that, it becomes necessary to work with their APIs. The API is an intermediary that allows the connection and exchanging of the data between various applications.

The API can automate repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and make it easy to request and send different information types. At this point, you might be wondering what shopping platform API for connection with you should use when operating in the eCommerce sphere.

Around 150,000 merchants worldwide use BigCommerce to sell their products and reach new markets. The BigCommerce API offers numerous SDKs that enable developers to boost the capability of their application. It uses the RESTful API, supporting all CRUD methods and featuring UTF-8 character encoding.

Similarly, Shopify has 1 million engaged users from all across the globe. Its API supports both JSON and XML. It works with different methods such as Category, Customer, Order, Product, etc. The drawback of Shopify’s API is that it is updated regularly, so you need to pay close attention not to use an old version.

Our Address LookUp solution works with these types of APIs and integrates with many eCommerce platforms.

How Can Address Verification LookUp Help You?

By integrating address verification technology into your various business systems, mainly one’s that talk to your delivery fleets, not only does it save time and money on returned shipments, undeliverable packages, and failed delivery fees you can also reassure your customers that you are committed to cutting your delivery miles by guiding drivers to the correct address first time, every time.

When it comes to addressing verification, there are several APIs to choose from. However, any business’s right choice depends on what they want and need from their address correction service. For example, suppose you’re an online retailer who needs your customers’ addresses automatically verified with USPS or UPS so that you can process orders more quickly and accurately. As one of the top CBD SEO companies, our marketing and development services can help elevate your CBD business.

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