Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords for eCommerce on Bigcommerce and Shopify

For many eCommerce businesses, Google Ads is one of the main marketing channels. Because Google Ads is a pretty big platform with tons of different options to choose from so it can get complicated for eCommerce businesses. It can be very basic or very technical. It can be as easy as just loading up a […]

B2B Lead Generation Using Cold Email Outreach

If you own a B2B business, lead generation can be a stress-inducing aspect of your operations. Fortunately, there are a few options for reaching out to potential clients.  5 Most Common B2B Lead Generation Techniques 1. Attract Inbound Leads Organically To attract inbound leads organically, your website must be visible on SERPs. This means that […]

BigCommerce's Acquisition of Feedonomics and the Mercado Libre Integration Opportunity

In July 2021, BigCommerce acquired the data aggregation SaaS company Feedonomics in an asset purchase transaction. (BigCommerce acquired Feedonomics for approximately $145 million. Approximately $80 million cash paid, while the remainder will be made with anniversary payments partially.) Like GoDataFeed, Feedonomics consolidates information about your products, allows you to manage sellers’ ad data, and optimizes […]

How To Trust An E-Commerce Marketing Agency

Prospects often come and say, “We’ve been burned before; we’ve had problems with our previous agency, eCommerce marketing agency, or developers. Most eCommerce marketing agencies made promises they couldn’t keep.” and the results of a decision like this always come to the same place. Prospects can arrive from inbound leads or an outreach process with […]

How To Market Tobacco Products And Restricted Products Online

Every retailer of nonessential products is remote thanks to the pandemic. Every business needs to go one hundred percent digital. With any kind of tobacco or restricted products, advertising online is harder. Why? Because Facebook will not allow it. Google AdWords will not allow it. Most marketplaces will not allow it. It’s very difficult. Along […]

Top B2B eCommerce Features and Functionalities

Thanks to COVID, B2B businesses have gone digital, from large corporations to small businesses. If you are running a B2B business and you want to add e-commerce capabilities, you need these features and functionalities. Developments & Trends in B2B eCommerce Technology What are the changes that you’re seeing in the industry right now? What are […]

Bigcommerce SEO Guide – Top Rated SEO Agency

Optimum7 is an Elite Certified partner with BigCommerce. With an extensive portfolio of clients, the team provides Bigcommerce development services, planning, strategy, and marketing. SEO has a high revenue potential; it will keep exponentially increasing in relevance. If you invest in SEO correctly, building content hierarchy and structure, your business will earn millions of revenue dollars. […]

Shopify Seo And Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies

We’ve been seeing a lot of metrics from our SEO clients and there are some concerning things that are happening with Shopify. Currently, Shopify is the largest platform, and clients can still earn revenue. From a technical SEO standpoint, there are some challenges now with Shopify. They have grown without scaling. Primarily with the hosted […]

Hosted Ecommerce Solutions Vs Open Source Ecommerce Platforms Headless

There are many new eCommerce solutions and platforms that are popping up. These technologies include open-source solutions, headless solutions as well as some hosted enterprise systems. The reason that we see many new solutions is that eCommerce Businesses are looking for specific solutions to operational and scalability challenges. Limitations with product options, limitations with direct […]

Website Speed Optimization For Shopify And Bigcommerce

Google has released a bunch of updates in the past few months and they keep doing even more updates. As usual, they’re focusing on three things: thin content, page speed, and user experience. You need to check your website accordingly. Increasing Conversions With Page Speed Why is page speed important? Optimum7 receives data from about […]