Why Do We Need Marketing?

For anyone who runs a business of any kind, you’ll know that the true question is not whether we need marketing, but how much do we need? A store owner can have the best products available on the market, and a top notch staff, and they will still flounder financially if no one is able to find their product. Even word of mouth is a form of marketing. It’s impossible to simply put out a great product and expect to get financial rewards. As with any business, it takes money to make money. An investment in marketing is equally, if not more important than, the investments you make inventory and staff.

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What Does SEO Stand For?

What Does SEO Stand for?

The acronym SEO is most commonly known for the words Search Engine Optimization. This sounds very technical, so what does it all mean? Most of us go on to Google every day and search for something. Whether it is a product or service we desire, news, people, or just general inquiries, Google is the most commonly used and searched platform in the world.

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How to Find Trending Content With Tools and Go Viral

Going viral seems to be the new trend now. You can wake up one day, decide to record your morning happy dance and upload it to your Facebook page and the next thing you know, thousands of people are viewing it. Embarrassing? Not so much. Genius? I think so. With that said, it is often due to being at the right place at the right time.

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Why Should You Outsource SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of processes designed to successfully compete for top organic rankings via specific keyword searches. It is generally well understood that getting to the top pages, even page 1, is of paramount importance to be regularly found online by those who are entering keyword phrases that are most relevant to the website being promoted.

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Define Social Networking

I am often asked by those not familiar with internet market marketing to explain to them what social networking actually is before even beginning to try to understand what it can do for them online and for their internet marketing objectives.

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