10 Crucial Google Ranking Factors for 2022 | Optimum7

Google has been the most popular search engine on earth for years and it continues to be so today. It dominates other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, with over 5.14 billion searches taking place on Google each day. In this era, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest developments […]

How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO (eCommerce Edition)

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

We have all heard the buzzword ‘Keyword’ and most of us know what it is. Most of us don’t know what a huge impact the correct keywords can have on the amount of traffic your website receives. Properly chosen and utilized keywords are at the fundamental core for improved search engine rankings. Poorly chosen keywords can mean continued oblivion for a non-ranking website. At first glance, the process of picking keywords seems easy – they’re just words that are related to your site right? Not necessarily so. Learning what rules govern keyword selection and using select tools to analyze and choose words is imperative for the success of any website.

Learn How to Write Great Meta Tags

In terms of SEO, creating great meta titles and descriptions is always a marketer’s first step. This is the information that Google uses to define what is on a page and what is displayed to individuals using search engines. Often, you will find yourself in a position where you need to write 1000’s of unique […]

Small Marketing Agencies Can Compete With Major Brands in SEO

Small Marketing Agencies Can Compete With Major Brands in SEO

Whenever you read a comment section about something related to Google, you’ll see countless SEMs complaining that Google’s hiding keywords or randomly ranking results to make SEO more difficult for smaller agencies, that they favor big brands and are trying to eliminate small agencies entirely. The fact is that Google loves money — as we […]

5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Rankings on Google

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you may not have realized the benefits of a strong online presence. Rather than problems or opportunities that are “common” or “normal,” the industry faces a unique set of problems in the ways they operate. For example, hotels are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! This, of course, means that hoteliers must be on top of their game at all times, ready to respond and overcome challenges as they arise.

Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Do you remember your first day of school as “the new kid?” What about that feeling of unfamiliarity and uncertainty you had while walking through the hallways? Of course, you had heard this and that about school, about all the different things you could (and couldn’t) do there, all the things you might learn and discover… Still, the reality of the building you walked into was quite different from what you had heard. Being the new kid on the block, you may have found yourself doing things you had heard about, even some you had no idea about, in a place you knew virtually nothing about.