Volusion Store SEO Guide

If you run a Volusion ecommerce store, you need to know the best practices to ensure your store is search engine friendly and can be found by potential buyers. A Volusion store SEO is not as straightforward as it is on platforms such as WordPress, because it’s not primarily designed as a CMS or content […]

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5 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Database Sucks

At Optimum7, we perform a lot of custom programming work for a wide variety of ecommerce solutions. We have had the privilege to work with open source systems like Magento and packaged solutions like Shopify and Volusion. Our ability to custom build CMSs and develop functionality deemed “impossible” by many development companies – in some […]

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Custom Ecommerce Ordering Functionality for Styles, Options and Uploading/Editing Logos, Embroidery and More…

Custom products are one of life’s many joys. From personalized t-shirts and coffee mugs to throw pillows and ID cards, there are not many retailers who can give their customers that “made just for you” feeling. However, providing your customers with an easy way to select custom options in your online store can prove far more difficult.

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