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Workarea Commerce Migration Acquisition By Vtex And Migrating Options

WorkArea VTex Migration

Your search for a better platform indicated that you know your business needs a change to continue to succeed online. Perhaps you need more custom functionalities, the ability to scale your website, or better analytics.

To complete a successful platform migration or re-platforming, you’re going to need a team that can help migrate all of your files, products, customer data, and more to your new destination.

Recently, VTEX is a Latin American company that acquired Workarea to expand VTEX’s retail customer base in the U.S. and Canada. Workarea is a U.S.-based cloud commerce platform provider that has helped customers grow by giving them a complete commerce platform combining enterprise commerce, rich content management, search, and merchant insights into one high-performance system to power both eCommerce and retail experiences.

Subsequently, VTEX is telling their new clients that they need to migrate to their platform, but other options are available. If you need a Workarea commerce migration, consider the challenges, options, and solutions below.

Migrating eCommerce Platforms

There are many aspects to an eCommerce website migration, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Transferring data from one eCommerce website to another requires a thorough and meticulous process. It includes the transfer of product images and attributes, customer and order history data, cloud storage, SEO data, 3rd party integrations and workflows, and more.

From experience, we know it’s crucial to spend the time throughout the entire process to carefully consider the SEO aspects of the change and how they might best be handled. This gives you the very best chances of keeping your site’s search ranking, SEO equity, and revenue rock-solid as your eCommerce business continues to grow.

Trying to migrate eCommerce platforms and then bringing in SEO experts at the end of the project proves detrimental and frustrating for everyone. You need an agency specializing in migrating websites from one eCommerce platform to another to avoid catastrophic damage to your established SEO.

First, to move your site to a new platform with minimal disruption to your traffic, understand how your current search traffic arrives at your site. When re-platforming, your site taxonomy may change. Some pages could be removed while others’ content may change. You don’t want to inadvertently remove any pages attracting a lot of traffic and generating revenue.

Analyzing thousands of pages may seem overwhelming, but tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush break down the steps for accuracy and precision. For example, SEMrush, in particular, shows you which keywords lead shoppers to which landing pages and the percentage of traffic coming from organic search.

An unplanned or improper site migration plan can result in heavy data loss and operating system failure that results in a significant drop in rankings. To avoid any of the issues that could evolve from a website migration, it’s essential to have migration experts that can address every step of a migration process, from planning, prepping, testing, and launching to reviewing and fixing any bugs or issues that might pop up.

eCommerce Migration Process Execution Chart

Agency Services for Workarea Migration

Every platform is a little different. Data will rarely align perfectly between two different systems, but you can mitigate those changes if you’re smart about it. That’s where a professional data migration agency, like Optimum7, comes in.

Optimum7 has led countless migration projects to success by following a proven step-by-step plan that carefully, diligently, and expertly handles all aspects of an eCommerce website migration. The platforms below have migrated clients to have provided online businesses with the best optimization toward boosting sales by at least 50 percent.

We can create custom fields or rename specific values to ensure that all your data finds a new home in your new system. Seamless eCommerce platform migrations take time to do right. Contact us today to get started.

We also have a detailed migration checklist that you can download and review here.

Workarea to Bigcommerce Migration

BigCommerce has made waves in the eCommerce community as one of the most flexible, reliable, and innovative platforms available. Although it is a relatively new platform, BigCommerce has already established itself as a market leader in eCommerce software.

Workarea to Shopify Migration

Shopify offers an easy-to-use page builder with hundreds of built-in apps and features for your online store to improve user experience. Their advanced inventory management system, multi-channel integration, and features such as abandoned cart recovery make this one of the most attractive options for an eCommerce Platform.

Workarea to Magento Migration

Magento supports both OOP and MVC architecture, making it easier for web developers to add their customization to your eCommerce store site. Magento’s order processing integration, full-control hosting, enterprise-grade flexibility, and more make it an eCommerce platform worth learning more about.

Workarea to Custom Platform Migration

Is there a particular feature, integration, or functionality your current platform doesn’t support that your website can’t live without? We have built thousands of custom functionalities for eCommerce stores to help make their vision come true.

If you have any questions, reach out today to get started, and don’t forget our detailed migration checklist that you can download and review here.

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