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How to Grow Your Agency Through Partnerships

Building partnerships allow you to specialize and optimize your current competitive advantage. With marketing, different fields and practices exist, which demand different uses of time. The Optimum7 marketers are good at structure, backend, code, and customized e-commerce strategies. They don’t do PR, or earned media. Partners can help with that. Elements of Successful Agency Partnerships […]

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How to Run Effective Google Shopping and Facebook Ads with Variant Product Pricing and Options

Multiple customers have variant products. They always encounter the same issue when they’re trying to run these Google Shopping campaigns. Pricing For Product Variants What is variant product pricing? Suppose you have an eCommerce site on BigCommerce, Volusion, or Shopify. They show product options the same way. You sell a jacket with three sizes: small, […]

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Top 8 Facets Of Google’s Consumer Nurture Report and How It Affects E-Commerce and Online Branding

Google in July 2020 released a report regarding consumer behavior. Alistair Rennie and Jonny Protheroe outline how decision-making has become “messier” in their words. This is due to eCommerce growing, and more consumers using computers and mobile devices to make purchases. The internet has turned online shopping into a free-for-all frontier. Customers are more likely […]

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