How to Write Technical Content Effectively

How to Write Technical Content Creatively

Back in the day, it could be said that no one was really interested in how things were written, they just wanted to know the facts. After awhile certain rules were introduced—grammar, syntax, spelling, basically a guideline was created for people to follow essentially creating a universal language that everyone could understand. Because the message […]

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Optimum7 is Using DashThis to Enhance Clients’ Monthly Reports

Optimum7 is now using DashThis, a tool that simplifies the digital reporting process. As an instrument for easy reporting, DashThis automates the analytics reporting process, which ultimately allows Optimum7 to deliver thousands of dashboards every month to its clients. At Optimum7, we’re proud of our marketing strategies and believe that in order for our clients […]

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New Rules of SEO and Content Marketing

Ranking algorithms are becoming smarter and methods that used to work at boosting rankings are quickly falling out of favor with Google and other search engines. Let’s look at what best practices are going to benefit online marketing efforts in 2015. First we need to ask ourselves…what is value? Rather than appealing to search engine crawlers, […]

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