How to Advertise Firearms and Guns

Recently, the idea of advertising firearms and guns online has been met with critique and backlash. Despite these concerns, companies in the firearms industry that sell online through an eCommerce store don’t need to worry about their sales. The numbers alone show that gun sales are only going upward. Over 19 million firearms were purchased […]

6 Facebook Ad Optimization Strategies For Better Conversions

With over two billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with the highest number of active social media users. It’s also one of the most popular sites for online shopping, with an estimation that 70% of shoppers use Facebook to discover new products. This makes it […]

5 Ways to Use 'PokeMon Go' to Generate Crazy Sales ($$)

5 Ways to Use 'PokeMon Go' to Generate Crazy Sales ($$)

I think you’ll agree when I say Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. The phenomenon has brought people together from far and wide for one reason: to “CATCH THEM ALL”! So what does Pokemon have to do with your business? Sales! Many businesses have seen a huge increase in foot traffic and sales, […]