How to Use Pitchbox for Outreach Marketing

As every marketer knows, outreach is probably one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of their job. Marketers conduct outreach for a variety of purposes. Sometimes it’s to reach targeted leads, conduct guest blogging, offer product donations or simply to build industry relationships. Conducting outreach and keep tracking of it all via your email […]

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Lessons I Learned as a Project Manager for a Small Business

Imagine a scene where an overworked programmer is trying to code (without being interrupted) when his extremely impatient boss walks over to his desk to ask him a question. Coding requires intense focus and concentration, which his boss knows, but he really needs an answer. How much time do you think the programmer has to get back to his boss? An hour? Maybe two? In our office, you’d be considered quite the optimist! He needs that answer NOW!

And let’s not forget the marketing manager! He’s busy messaging the junior programmer demanding that he finish a task that is way past due – which in our business can be as little as an hour.

And where am I? I’m the project manager who is tasked with keeping track of all this craziness and making sure projects move forward without interruption.

What can I say? Welcome to the glorious world of small business and project management!

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Customized Online Marketing for Start-Ups

Traditional marketing, i.e. Radio, TV, Print et al, poses significant barriers for a start-up business. Obviously, it’s very expensive. It’s also inefficient, by almost any definition. They lack targeting, and rely on being exposed to a wide audience with the faint hope that a tiny fraction of one percent of the audience will view the ad at precisely the time and place that they are alert, and that they are interested specifically in what you have to offer.

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5 Online Marketing Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Major retailer, American Apparel, recently received heavy criticism, after sending out an obnoxious email blast amidst Hurricane Sandy, which is now known to have caused substantial damage, and many deaths in the Northeast. They weren’t, however, the only major retailer to ruffle the feathers of fellow tweeters. Popular clothier, Gap, posted an insensitive tweet while […]

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Top SEO Mistakes Made By Beginners

Slowly but surely, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming an integral part of every marketing strategy. Now, SEO is marketing! Businesses are no longer looking at SEO as a cost, but as a long-term investment. A properly executed strategy will bring more potential customers to your website, convince them to take your specified action which […]

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