Dogu Yildiz

Software Engineer

Dogu was born and raised in Mersin, Turkey. After high school education, she has moved to Izmir and graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. She continues her career as a back-end developer, and also has been improving herself on the front-end. She has worked on several web projects including e-commerce and payment systems.

Dogu spends her spare time with her friends, and she also likes to have me-time for reading, watching series and movies or cooking. She really loves animals and lives with a British Shorthair.

She is experienced in; PHP, Laravel Framework, Javascript, Java, Front-End capabilities (HTML, CSS)


  • Watching tv-series and movies (especially science fiction)

  • Reading

  • Pilates

  • Space documentaries

The Rest of the Team

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