How Much Should I Spend On a PPC Budget on Google Adwords?

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising is an advertising service that many of the major search engines, like Google, offer. Advertisers can place ads that will appear based on certain search criteria. PPC works through a bid system. Several advertisers may want their ad to appear when a user searches for a particular term. Who ever has bid the highest will have their ad shown. It follows that the more your ad appears the more visibility you will receive. For this reason, it is important to have an adequate budget for your PPC advertising.

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How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

We have all heard the buzzword ‘Keyword’ and most of us know what it is. Most of us don’t know what a huge impact the correct keywords can have on the amount of traffic your website receives. Properly chosen and utilized keywords are at the fundamental core for improved search engine rankings. Poorly chosen keywords can mean continued oblivion for a non-ranking website. At first glance, the process of picking keywords seems easy – they’re just words that are related to your site right? Not necessarily so. Learning what rules govern keyword selection and using select tools to analyze and choose words is imperative for the success of any website.

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