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4 Essential Web Design Tips for Plastic Surgeons

First impressions last, and for many prospective patients, your website will be their first introduction to your plastic surgery practice. You will introduce your staff to the public and what your practice is doing differently than the others in the area or country. Web design is imperative for today’s day and age where professionals need an engaging and user-friendly website to attract quality patients.

A responsive, well-designed website makes your brand look professional and builds rapport for your company. Potential patients will be more willing to do business with you and not your competitor if you have an effective website in which they can navigate easily to find all the information they need on plastic surgery.

Web Design Services for Plastic Surgeons

Optimum7 has over 12 years of experience developing the right web design and marketing strategy for companies in the healthcare industry. Plastic surgeons need an exceptional website design strategy in order to engage with potential patients and build rapport for their practice. Some services we provide are:

  • UI/UX optimization
  • Design and marketing solutions
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Ground up design

…and more. Contact us for a customized web design solution for your plastic surgery company.

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Website Traffic Tracking

No plastic surgeon website will stay afloat if it is not constantly being optimized with the latest high-value keywords and features. As a plastic surgeon or owner of a plastic surgery practice you will want to identify:

  • How visitors are viewing your website
  • What keywords or phrases users are searching for to find you
  • How visitors stay on your website
  • What changes need to be made to call to actions
  • How search engine optimized your current site is

With the right tools and resources, you can track all of this data and use it to make the right adjustments to your plastic surgery website. At Optimum7, our highly skilled team of marketers are all experienced using the latest tracking tools and can help you analyze the data collected to make the right business decisions.

Results We’ve Generated

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We become an indispensable resource for our clients to drive traffic and leads.

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4 Web Design Tips for Plastic Surgeons

Leverage White Space Properly

At Optimum7, we have seen hundreds of companies in the healthcare industry take photos to the extreme and overload viewers with too much content. A key element of professional and clean web design is white space or “negative space” that leaves room for the page to breathe. You do not want your website to look cluttered because that signals website visitors to not do business with you especially if they are risking a surgical procedure on your business. If white space is leveraged properly you can expect to see:

  • More interaction
  • Increased content legibility
  • Exceptional balance
  • Highlighted call to actions

When used well and correctly, negative space can transform a design and deliver the quality leads you desire as a plastic surgeon. The number one goal is to deliver great service to your patients and you can do that by providing patients with layouts that are easy on the eyes and make people want to keep reading about what your cosmetic practice.

Use Calls to Action

Calls to action or CTAs are necessary for conversions because it allows website users to contact you or the practice directly for a consultation or additional information. You will want to make these stand out on your pages by making them bigger or the buttons bigger to draw attention to the CTA. Custom calls to action will encourage visitors to click because it makes the experience more personal, plastic surgeon website visitors are looking for someone they can trust and you want that person to be you or your company.

Offer premium downloadable content, newsletters, or way to contact a plastic surgeon directly. It is keen on you to not overload web users with CTAs and only use them when the page demands it. This may be when there is detailed information given about a procedure, new developments your practice uses, or tips on cosmetic surgeries, and more.

Make Mobile Responsiveness a Top Priority

With mobile becoming the foremost channel for online searches, it is vital for your company to provide a mobile responsive website for potential patients. Enhance trust building with a mobile-friendly website enriched with essential features potential customers can easily use while on their mobile phones or tablets. A key aspect of web design for plastic surgeons is visual content and you want to make sure the videos on your website are mobile ready for full-screen use and quality control. In addition, you will want to make sure these elements are up to par for mobile users:

  • Header sizes
  • Image specifications
  • Call to action buttons
  • Page margins

…and more. Mobile web design for plastic surgeons has become a paramount element for increases in revenue, quality lead generation, search engine rankings, and keyword optimization.

Create Instant Rapport With a Stunning Homepage

Compared to 2017 there were a quarter of a million more procedures done in 2018 and this number is continuing to rise in the US. This means your competition is at an all-time high, you want to be the doctor patients go to but how do you get them through the door? With effective website design, you will see increases in conversions, appointments, and customer loyalty. You want to create instant rapport coming from your homepage because it is the first interaction potential patients have with your plastic surgery practice.

Optimum7 will make sure your website captures the essence of your practice where patients will gain instant familiarity with your practice philosophies, staff, and procedures in order to make them feel comfortable contacting your practice. This is done by using call-to-actions, custom photos of the environment, before-and-after photo galleries displaying your skills with procedures, case studies, and providing reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients.