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Internet Marketing for Biotech Companies

Marketing for biotechnology and life science companies is a uniquely challenging undertaking for many reasons. How is your company going to:

  • Define a target audience that is interested in your products, services, or brand.
  • Create highly technical content that is informative and attractive without overselling
  • Get your content visible in front of your target audience
  • Convert your audience into paying customers

…all while trying to keep up with your day to day operations? With such highly-technical, niche products and services, biotechnology companies need to be especially strategic with their approach to marketing. And with more and more biotech and life sciences companies investing in internet marketing, companies that don’t go digital risk falling behind the competition.


Internet Marketing Services for Biotechnology Companies

Optimum7 has been creating comprehensive internet marketing strategies in niche markets for over 15 years.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Web Design for Mobile and Desktop
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads

…and more. Not sure where to start? Contact us below and we’ll discuss how you can create an internet marketing strategy for your biotech company that aligns with your business goals.

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Why does the Biotech and Life Sciences Sector Need Online Marketing?

The biotechnology and biopharma industry is embarrassingly behind the rest of the private sector when it comes to digital marketing. Many companies have the mentality that “what has worked will always work” and opt out of online marketing in favor of out-dated techniques and tactics.

While traditional marketing does have its place and should not be abandoned completely, digital marketing offers benefits and opportunities that make it worth the investment for biotech companies.

Love Data? Us Too!

One of the most valuable advantages internet marketing has over traditional marketing is your ability to thoroughly track and monitor your campaign. Intelligence tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and more can offer you valuable insights into the behavior of your audience and the performance of your marketing campaign.

While traditional media can be more open to interpretation, digital marketing is much more data-oriented, trackable, and, in some ways, scientific in its approach. Digital marketers form hypotheses, perform experiments, analyze the data, and make adjustments accordingly. With traditional advertising, its hard to pin-point how many people saw your ad, the demographic of your audience, and what channels or strategies translated were most profitable.

Be a Resource to Your Audience

Consumer behavior has changed in the digital age. Studies have shown that the average person in the United States, whether they realize it or not, is subjected to 4000 ads on a daily basis. Because of this, we have been conditioned to tune out, ignore, and avoid ads. This, coupled with the increase of avoidance technologies such as DVRs and Ad Block, has caused marketers to change their approach to making their brand and products visible. You have to offer your audience something of value, whether it’s information, content, or entertainment, in order to attract them to your business.

Digital marketing is an inbound marketing approach, which means that it attracts visitors to your business instead of interrupting their day through obtrusive ads. With strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, you can attract consumers who are actively searching for your businesses and services

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Internet Marketing Strategies for Biotech Companies

1. Web Design

Your website is the online face of your business and can be your most valuable marketing and sales asset. This is why the first step to creating a digital strategy is making sure you have a robust, attractive, and easy-to-use website.

A good web design makes your content more consumable and builds trust in your audience. Most digital marketing strategies aim at driving traffic to your website, so a good web design for biotech companies is crucial.


…of online first impressions are design related.


…of online marketers say improving SEO is their top inbound marketing priority.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, uses on-site and off-site optimizations to improve a website’s position on search engines, such as Google.

As we mentioned before, your average consumer loves to do their own research before making a purchase or business decision. They’ll look at product reviews, search for any questions they may have, or just even search a product to buy directly. With SEO, you can target your audience no matter what stage of the purchase journey they are in. The earlier your brand becomes visible in their research, the more of an authority you are in their eyes and the more likely they are to become a paying client.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a model of internet marketing by which companies pay websites on a per-click basis to host and display their advertisements. With PPPC, you can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, and more to get your ads seen by a targeted audience.

PPC has a few distinct advantages:

  1. You can be highly specific with your audience targeting, with the ability to segment audience based on age, location, interests, search terms, etc.
  2. You can start and pause a campaign at any time and run a campaign on any budget of your choosing.
  3. You can make your products or services visible on some of the most popular websites in the world without having to build an organic following.

…and more. However, PPC isn’t as simple as create an ad, set and forget. You have to be strategic in your set up and diligent in monitoring your campaigns or you risk wasting thousands of dollars without seeing any results.


…of buyer intent keywords are paid clicks.