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Web Design for B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce brands live and die by their website design. This page is your storefront; the first impression customers will see and you do not want your customer confused about the products you sell by just opening your home page. Optimizing your web design has to be a main priority as the digital realm expands.

Elements of good web design include:

  • Speed
  • Calls To Action
  • Trust earning testimonials
  • Easy contact options
  • Clean layout
  • Clear purpose

…and that’s just a start.

Let’s delve into web design tips B2B brands can use to become more engaging, functional, intuitive, all of which ultimately adds up to increased profitability.

Web Design Services We Offer for B2B eCommerce Companies

At Optimum7 we specialize in providing our clients custom web designs made to fit your company. We have a team of web developers to perform custom functionality and implement modern coding techniques that best suit your industry for optimal website interactions. Some of our services include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized loading speed

… and much more. Consult with us today to take the first step in evaluating your current website or starting from scratch and taking a look at possible designs you will absolutely love.

2 Quick Web Design Tips For B2B eCommerce Companies

1. Create A Plan Before You Even Start

The only surefire path to web design failure is to charge off and start slapping things down with no plan, no guiding vision, and no experience. The humblest plans at the start yield better results than no plan at all. That’s why it is useful to grab a pen and paper, and start sketching ideas for your web page. This will let you weed out bad ideas, and begin prioritizing your aims without committing to anything yet.

When you make this sketch, focus on the buyer’s journey. What info do they need to see to make the journey from browser to buyer? Your own experience is useful here. You know what potential clients always ask, and you know what you need to show them right off the bat. In the case of B2B eCommerce partners, you need to make sure your taxonomy is highly logical. Imagine the type of results or information that makes business minded people make decisions. Bring that to the forefront of your website.

Having a logical taxonomy isn’t just about impressing other business professionals browsing on your website. It’s about working with search engines by creating a logical taxonomy. When you make your website work with search engines, you increase your chance of getting found by potential clients.

2. Gear Your Calls To Action Towards Potential B2B Clients

Prompt your potential eCommerce clients to action with phrases that encourage them to take specific actions. Each page should include multiple calls to action that that move people down the funnel towards your end goal. Psychological studies and research show that the most effective Calls to Action often involve addressing pain points on the part of your target market. The good thing about being an expert at what you do is that you know what your typical clients are encountering in terms of pain points. In short, you know why they came to you. Proper web design combined with research and experience creates the most effective calls to action.

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6 Steps to Optimize Your Web Page Design for Your B2B eCommerce Business

1. Start Your Web Design with the Home Page

Every B2B eCommerce home page serves as the first impression most potential clients will get of your brand. After all, if you tell people to Google your company’s name, or pass out business cards with URLs on them, people are going to see your home page first in all likelihood.

Integrate the following components into this page for maximum success:

• A value proposition
• A broad overview of what you offer
• Testimonials and other trust building elements

Next step…

2. Develop A Clear Navigational System

More than three quarters of all internet users said navigation was a critical factor in whether or not they chose to stay on a website.

Not only will browsers love your website if they can find what they need immediately, the logical flow of information is optimal for search engines as well.

Even through business professionals might have a slightly higher attention span than B2C impulse buyers, you still want to assume they are pressed for time and want to find what they need instantly.

3. Don't Be Afraid of White Space!

White space, which is often called negative space, is a critical component of creating a professional appearance and presentation for your B2B eCommerce website.

These phrases refer to the blank space that surrounds elements such as text, graphics, pictures, videos, and anything else displayed right on your home page. Expert digital designers will know how to use white space to underscore and highlight important elements on your website.

You’ve almost certainly had the unpleasant and brief experience of landing on a website, seeing intimidating black blocks of text, and leaving right away. Properly used white space helps prevent this problem.

4. Optimize Your B2B eCommerce Page For Mobile Browsers

More than half of web browsers are on mobile devices according to numerous stats and surveys. This pertains to B2B clients in particular.

Often mobile visits will be the first impression your potential clients get of your B2B eCommerce page.

Optimize your mobile appearance, and focus on stripping away or reconfiguring elements that didn’t transfer well from desktop. While high mobile traffic is good, it’s important to remember that one of the best results you will get out of this will be remarketing opportunities.

5. Dealing With 404s And 301 Redirects ASAP

Your potential clients are evaluating you the entire time they are on your website. If they encounter 404s, which are the error page you land on if you try to navigate to a deleted page, they are likely to bounce or try a competitor. That means you need to create 301 redirects right away, which are ways of passing authority from the deleted page onto a new one.

404 pages can also be detrimental to SEO, so make sure you don’t have any broken links on your site!

6. Focus On Site Speed: Better Results & Client Satisfaction

Making your website work faster is one of the best ways to make sure it produces good results.

When it comes to web design, sometimes elements and aspects were coded with clunky inefficient options instead of simple, elegant code that delivers the same results.

Expert digital marketers and coders can identify extraneous elements and remove them so that they don’t bog down your website. The faster your website works, the happier most browsers will be.