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Internet Marketing for B2B eCommerce Companies

Internet marketing for B2B eCommerce is challenging because so many resources are designed for B2C commerce.

B2B eCommerce brands need digital marketing experts that can create…

  1. A Clear Strategy
    Strategies for B2B internet marketing begin with defining goals, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of any current marketing strategies in place, and which action plan will yield the best results.
  2. A Data-driven Content Plan
    Blogs and SEO-friendly content of all kinds are key components of any internet marketing strategy. In order to be effective, these blogs need to demonstrate authority through engaging, accurate technical material. This can take the form of blogs, articles, FAQ pages, guest posts, video, podcasts, and more.

Expert internet marketing will make decisions about content based on data about search terms and keywords. B2B brands tend to see more jargon-rich, specified terminology in the keywords they search for.

Marketers who work with B2B eCommerce businesses are also faced with longer sales cycles and other challenges unique to this space.


Our B2B eCommerce Marketing Services

Optimum7 has been helping eCommerce brands build fully-integrated, cutting edge digital strategies for over 15 years. We have helped industrial and B2B eCommerce companies to grow their business and increase the revenue they generate online.

Some of our services include:

…and more.

How B2B Brands Can Benefit From Advanced Targeting Through Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Strategies for B2B eCommerce

B2B brands have a smaller pool of viable potential clients than B2C brands do. Any individual could potentially become a B2C brand’s customer. However, B2B brands often have a highly specific client profile. B2B eCommerce companies need specified internet marketing strategies that account for realities such as the client’s….

  • Industry
  • Size and scale
  • Location (sometimes)
  • Estimated annual income (sometimes)

…and more factors.

Sophisticated targeting tools are one of the most effective strategies internet marketing offers to B2B companies.

There once was a time when trade shows, trade publications, conferences, conventions and events were how businesses found B2B services. When you offer an eCommerce service, clients are doing most of their research online.

Internet Marketing Focused On B2B eCommerce Work

Let’s explore an example of a marketing strategy that focuses on a common B2B eCommerce function: wholesale supply of a product.

Many B2B eCommerce stores sell wholesale equipment or goods. For our example, let’s say you sell wholesale custom t-shirts for corporate uniforms, events, in-store products and more.

Your experience might tell you that some of the best clients for your work include:

  • Amusement parks that need “Staff” shirts
  • Hospitals
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Companies hosting a convention

…or anyone who makes the ideal potential customer for your B2B eCommerce store.

Custom content can help turn your website into the best resource for people who need what you do.

However, custom programming and coding can create functions on your website that make your client’s life easier.

While out-of-the box eCommerce stores offer a large selection of functionalities and solutions, B2B brands sometimes find they need something more specific than a ready-made solution. That’s why we offer custom programming and coding to design features that are ready-made for the needs of your clients.

Technical internet marketing solutions often mean creating custom tools such as:

  • Custom checkout options
  • Custom quote generators
  • Custom shipping program integrations
  • Automated follow-up and messaging systems
  • Automated accounting and integration programs

…and so much more.

Custom coding is a key component of internet marketing for B2B brands because efficiency is directly correlated with profitability for eCommerce brands. You’ll need tools that make your internal processes easier, more accurate, and more intuitive for your team. You will also need to ensure the best possible experience for visitors on your website.

Outsource Your B2B eCommerce Internet Marketing To Partners Who Rely On Your Expertise

With a combination of your own expertise in your B2B work, and internet marketers who know what they are doing, you can master the digital strategy within your niche, regardless of how broad or specified your work may be.

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We become an indispensable resource for our clients to drive traffic and leads.

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Migrations And Integrations

You may need to integrate new tools or migrate to new platforms without losing any data, history, customizations, or other features of your website. When you’re a B2B eCommerce company, any time your website is down is money lost. That means you need people who do fast, seamless integration and migration work. As expert internet marketers, Optimum7 is conversant with major eCommerce platforms, and we can offer consultations about the pros and cons of each.

Internet Marketing Turns Your B2B eCommerce Store Into a Sales Machine

Custom marketing functionalities can perform a number of persuasive, valuable automated functions such as suggest upsells and companion products to customers who already made a purchase, displaying what other clients bought, and automatically displaying pop-ups with discounts and deals on major products. Improving your B2B eCommerce site with marketing functionalities like these can lead to greater profitability. However, you can gear them towards other, more specific goals such as:

  • Email signups
  • Customer retention
  • Addressing abandoned carts
  • Decreasing bounce rates

…and more, depending on the challenges that face your B2B eCommerce store.

Expert Internet Marketers Offer Constant Optimization For B2B Campaigns

Internet marketing for B2B brands requires a battle plan that involves both technical and creative solutions. However, none of the solutions are set-it-and-forget it style programs. Instead, they need to be updated and adjusted in accordance with multiple factors including:

  • The endlessly updating algorithms of search engines
  • The evolving consumer preferences
  • Changing client expectations for eCommerce brands (often established by standard-setters online such as Amazon)
  • Updating digital technology
  • Capitalizing on brand-building moments such as testimonials or positive reviews

…and so much more.

Running a B2B eCommerce brand is a full time job, but so is marketing your service. By outsourcing your efforts, you get a devoted team with a full utility belt of digital tools already in place to start working for you. These tools include analytics and metrics to evaluate performance and look for opportunities for improvement and optimization. Constant updating and tweaking is the only surefire path towards achieving maximum ROI for your B2B eCommerce store.