About Scott Cercy


After working in Signals Intelligence in the U.S. Marine Corps, Scott began his writing career as Knowledge Management Author with Marriott International. This experience triggered a passion for persuasive, professional writing for him, and he continued his development through freelance collaboration with Game Rant and eCom Daily News.

According to Scott earning a position as a Copywriter with Optimum7 marks a proud moment in his life, and the beginning of what he believes will be a long, exciting career in a field that he loves deeply.


Watching Video Essays (Game Maker’s Toolkit, Simon Whistler)
Rock Climbing
Video Games (Fallout, Last of Us, Subnautica)
Reading (Orwell, G.R.R. Martin, Atwood, ND Tyson)
Road Trips
Concerts/Performances (Future Islands, Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney, Theatre Plays)