Get Your Mugshot Removed from Google

Remove my Mugshot!It’s no secret that a professional’s online reputation now has direct consequences on how they’re both perceived and treated in traditional offline social and professional circles. An increasing number of employers are implementing social media policies which tightly control how their employees can interact in their online lives, restricting what they can and cannot do on sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, social media policies and regulations are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing and monitoring the reputations of employees on the internet. Another minefield waits for those employees who have had run-ins with the law at some point in their past and have had the misfortune of finding their mugshot displayed in a prominent place on major search engines like Google. Sure, the offense might have been minor. Sure, it might have been two decades ago. But the stigma associated with these nefarious pictures is still quite negative, and employers will treat them as if they’re the worst-case scenario.

This potentially huge problem can be handled by reputation management firms who act as a consumer advocate and ensure the clean and legal removal of these mugshots as a way to ensure the sterling reputation of their clients. There are some key things to keep in mind when enlisting one of these firms, as mugshot removal is a complex and often frustrating process that can make the average individual dizzy.

When it comes to Displaying Mugshots, Going after Google is Like Shooting the Messenger

When people find that their mug shots have appeared on major search engines like Google or Yahoo, their immediate instinct is to contact the search engine and go after them for displaying such damaging information in a public forum. However, this is often not the proper way to go about removing these unfortunate pictures from the public’s collective consciousness. Indeed, Google and Yahoo are only responsible for indexing the content of websites and return search results based on what they’ve indexed. It’s rather hard for them to discern exactly what they’re indexing and who it might damage.

Instead, individuals need to go after the companies which actually search the more than 100 sheriffs’ databases in the United States which freely offer up mugshot images as part of a person’s searchable “background check” information. Many of these sites are operated by webmasters who will gladly remove the mugshot image for a small removal fee paid by the individual; however this may not be the ideal way to get these damaging images returned to their once-private status as there are hundreds of these sites.  The best process would be to implement a reputation management strategy to take control of search results for one’s name by going through a specific methodology.

The important thing to remember about mugshots is that they most likely appear on multiple websites, and they cannot be fully removed from search engine results until they have had all instances removed from public criminal databases and mugshot index sites. A reputation management firm is the key to making this happen, as they employ a team of professionals who know how to communicate with these websites, the proper actions to take, and how much to pay in order to have the mugshots removed permanently from those websites altogether.

Removing Mugshots Doesn’t Mean that They’re Gone for Good

The unfortunate thing about a mugshot is that it can pop up on new websites almost endlessly after it has been placed into one of the 100 databases where such images are contained. worldwide online reputationThat’s because those databases can be searched by mugshot indexing websites and those which record criminal information, and such websites are popping up in new places all of the time. While an individual’s reputation might be briefly restored after they’ve removed mugshots from every major criminal database website, they’ll find in a few months that the haunting image is back and they have to start the process all over again.

That’s where a reputation management firm really comes in and proves its usefulness. These firms aren’t just dedicated to reacting to existing mugshot appearances. Instead, they’re actually charged with monitoring the internet for derogatory information about their clients and ensuring that the information never gets displayed in a public way within search results on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, among others. When it comes to managing an online reputation for the benefit of offline success, reputation management firms are the number one way to ensure that an individual remains well-respected and highly successful. They’ll take proactive action to ensure that mugshots, and other unfortunate information that might plague a customer, affects them minimally — if at all — in both the workplace and the individual’s social circle.

What about You? How is Your Online Reputation?

If you’re not exactly sure what the internet is saying about you and if you can get derogatory information like mugshots removed from the internet, it’s time to contact us and speak with one of our professional reputation management reps. This is the best way to find out exactly what a typical Google or Yahoo search will tell prospective employers, landlords, or others, upon a search for your name. It’s the first step toward being able to fully manage the way the internet presents your past and present to those who are involved in your future.

The simple fact is that the internet itself is now as important as someone’s resume or word-of-mouth reputation. And, because of this, it must be molded into a resource which can serve to actually benefit your reputation rather than cause negative reactions and turn away from you those you wish to impress. The best reputation management firms are those who help clean the internet of mugshots and other unfortunate information, and then work with the individual to generate a positive series of top-ranked search results that serve as a secondary source of referral, recommendation, and promotion.

Demand nothing less than the sterling reputation you have worked so hard to achieve in the offline world. The internet has somehow unearthed your past mistakes and begun displaying to anyone with a Google-pointed web browser searching for you online. Contacting us is the first step in the process toward reputation improvement and long-term positive management using the very resources which found that old mug shot in the first place.