Optimum7 Workshops: Wufoo Forms and WordPress

At Optimum7, I do my best to grow a little bit every day. Whether it is researching a new skill, learning a bit more about a client’s industry, or simply making time to get to know a coworker a little better, I find it very important to adapt and evolve both professionally and personally. One of the ways we facilitate this growth at Optimum7 is through the use of an internal forum. On our project management system, we’ve designated a section that is purely for employees to ask and answer questions, or request tutorials for skills they’d like to improve.

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Dynamic Google Analytics Event Tracking for WordPress

What Is Analytics Event Tracking?

Event tracking is a method made available by Google Analytics using the ga.js tracking code. It is used to track custom user activity with UI elements, known as “Events”. With Event Tracking, the total number of pageviews is never skewed–as is the case when using urchin.js to track user activity. Event Tracking provides for hierarchical organization of events into Categories, Actions, and Labels.

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