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12 Facebook Advertising Tactics and Strategies For eCommerce

Facebook Advertising for eCommerce businesses is hard work.

You know that it’s not enough to research the best time and place of advertising, you also need a Facebook marketing strategy that will engage with potential shoppers at each stage in their journey as well, so they can make a purchase from you.

This includes targeting different segments through demographic information to increase click rates on your eCommerce Facebook ads!

Have no fear because, if done correctly, an effective ad campaign strategy ensures maximum conversion rates across all channels with remarketing campaigns and carousel ads to encourage customers and Facebook fans to shop from your online store.

Why do you need a Facebook Advertising strategy?

In order to successfully market your store’s public services, you need a clear Facebook Advertising strategy that accounts for all aspects of marketing.

From attracting cold users and limiting their interest in what they are looking at on the web page or social media post, to eventually converting them into buyers during one point along this process with advertising campaigns as part it – no aspect of your strategy plays a small role.

Most of the target users will not convert the first time they see a product from another company. They don’t know you.

They distrust the brand unconsciously and they were not convinced they needed this product.

Depending on complexity, it may take a couple of exposures before viewers might be convinced to click on the ad to find more.

1)Know Your Buyer Personas And Optimize Your Facebook ad according to them

In order to figure out the UVP (Unique Value Proposition—the value you propose to give) for your Facebook campaigns, it’s important that you know who is the best customer.

Which means understanding their demographics: What do they look like? How old are they and are they married or living with someone else, etc.?

Do these individuals own homes in addition to just renting one from a landlord/tenant situation; what type of car does this person drive on most days?

Pay attention also to how much money comes into fruition each month as income – remember there’s no point targeting people based on low spending habits.

One great way to do this if you have a good customer base is to create a lookalike audience from your purchasers.


2)Retargeting Brings Guaranteed Results

One of the best ways to get conversions on social media is through retargeting ads.

Facebook has some amazing features that allow you do this at a high rate, like targeting users who have interacted with your brand in past posts or pages.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a great way to reach your audience again and again.

A few important things you should keep in mind while retargeting are: don’t be creepy, make sure the frequency metric stays under 6 ads per day/ revisit old content with new offers (especially via email), test creative until it works well – these tips will help bring traffic back!

Using objections to purchasing your product as the basis for ads is a clever way of answering any potential questions or barriers while staying in front of recent visitors.

If you want to get creative with your inventory, use dynamic product ads.

These will allow for more personalized offers and promotions that are only available on certain products or in limited quantities. The best part about this strategy? It’s highly effective!


After you have made a sale, it is important to stop contacting customers with promotional ads.

This will ensure that they do not receive coupons or other incentives for products that were already bought from your store in the past 24 hours. This should help towards retaining more customer loyalty by avoiding any sense of upselling pressure (or “churn”).

It may also be worth waiting until their next purchase before targeting them once again through retargeting campaigns but only at different intervals – maybe every 2 weeks rather than daily!

3)Facebook GIF Ads

You don’t need to make a 10-minute video when you can evoke the reaction in less than 8 seconds.

Instead, creating ads with GIFs is an easy tactic for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from startups with limited resources but big ideas to companies trying out new branding strategies before committing them fully into TV commercials or film trailers (think: Nike Air Jordan commercials), and nonprofits looking at how social media content is impacting fundraising efforts.

Facebook GIF ads should be smooth and subtle yet active enough to wake interest.

If you want to make a GIF ad on Facebook, I suggest creating one from scratch rather than using an online generator. It’s easy and it can be done in less than an hour and without expensive software.


4)Less Text, More Visuals

Staying away from text in your images will help you rank higher on Facebook.

Facebook Ads with too much writing usually decrease the relevance of an ad, so we recommend removing any extra words or phrases that could be distracting for potential customers to read.

If it’s necessary for a sale or holiday event, then make sure there isn’t anything blocking one individual ad image among other advertisements by only including key messages within its borders and not outside of those boundaries as well – just enough room should remain clear without obstruction!

Facebook wants its advertisements to have a similar feel as user content, which can be seen in the lack of text over images.

This makes sense because it would make for an uninteresting facebook ad if there was some kind of message or call-to-action at play here instead

The tone should also sound resourceful

5) Shoot For Lookalike Audiences Too

Creating a lookalike audience is the practice of leveraging the information you use to create Custom Audiences, which are then used for targeting audiences with similar characteristics but represent new segments.

Facebook’s lookalike audience exists in between layered (behavioral preferences) and remarketing targeting this type of prospect; they aren’t yet acquainted with your brand however share many beliefs as those who have interacted before.

With Facebook Lookalike Audiences, you can find just the right audience based on the characteristics of your existing audience.


If you target the wrong audience, who are only mildly receptive to your product, it’s going to be much harder to consistently drive conversions.

Lookalike Audiences are a great way to target people who will be interested in what you’re selling and who might be willing to make a purchase as well!

They usually perform better than other ad targeting methods such as Custom Audience or are even built from data collected through the conversion-tracking pixel. Boost your Facebook post to reach a wider audience.

Facebook Lookalike audience strategy has shown high success rates with most clients so far.

One popular option would be creating them using either custom audience builder tool within the Facebook ads manager page but another alternative may also just build one yourself out if fans by analyzing their behaviors.

6) FaceBook Pixel

This Facebook ad tip is sure to improve your marketing efforts. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. By installing Facebook Pixel, you can target new customers and existing customers based on their interests, actions on your site, or even those who abandoned their cart.

It helps track conversions from social media, optimize ads, and build targeted audiences for future campaigns by gathering data about Facebook users’ browsing habits in aggregate across the web via cookies; all without collecting any personally identifiable information like name or email address!

So whether it’s advertising products through Instagram Stories or running an online sale – keep getting those leads coming at you with Facebook Pixel.

7) Master Your Facebook Ads Account …

Facebook Ads Manager is your go-to interface for creating, managing, and reviewing your Facebook ads.

This is different from Facebook Business Manager since the Ads Manager is dedicated entirely to Facebook advertising.

Recently, at F8—Facebook’s annual developer conference–they announced new features for the already full suite of analytics tools available in the Facebook Marketing toolkit called “Insights.”

The rich set of insights offered by this powerful analytics package provides marketers with unprecedented access into their target markets’ digital behavior so they can create tailored campaigns efficiently while also gaining valuable insight on what content converts best when it comes time to advertise on Facebook.

With the new mobile app, you can now review metrics from your paid social campaigns on a smart device.

…and Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Business Manager is a tool for managing and organizing your business pages.

This allows you to separate personal accounts from your professional ones, which can be helpful if there are people who shouldn’t view certain things on it like product promotions or customer data (e.g. their email address).

Funnel Analysis

The auto-detected funnels will help you find the repetitive paths your users take through your site or app, which can be used for better customer engagement!

Custom Insights

Use Facebook Analytics events manager to generate custom, in-depth analysis of your company’s website traffic patterns and how they change over time for a more comprehensive understanding that can be used as building blocks for future marketing campaigns.

Facebook Pixel is a must-have for all this tracking to happen. (Facebook Pixel is a single, easy-to-use code that you can add to your site’s pages.)

It will track conversions like traffic and downloads while also giving attribution back to ads in order for the marketers tracking them to better understand what people are doing on their sites, as well as possible marketing strategies based on these insights!

8)Use Your Budget Wisely

The more you optimize your ad spend, the better your campaign will be.

With a small budget or none at all – optimization is key for any successful campaign on Facebook!

You’ll need Google Ads Analytics skills too if it’s an existing one though because there are many different metrics that can tell whether things went well with traffic sources and engagement rates over time. This information is based on various actions such as posts being liked/shared etc.

9)Facebook Ads Funnel

Facebook Ads Funnel is a must for any business that wants to grow its customer base. It’s an evergreen Facebook advertising strategy and it will help you generate new leads and increase ROI or sales on your product/service!

You know that Facebook Ads are a powerful way to generate leads and sales, but you may not have thought about the fact that the target users won’t buy your product or service on their first impression.

To get real conversions from prospects, though, requires multiple touchpoints – which means building an entire marketing funnel with stages before they make it all of the way through!

10) Show Multiple Products In a Single Ad

Multi-Product Ads can help you increase conversions by showing more relevant products from your online store.

The greater the variety a customer sees, the higher chance they’ll take action and buy from what’s on offer!

You could use this marketing strategy to show different benefits for one single item or service – it all depends on how creative your mind is feeling at any given time really…

The Multi-Product Ad was created so that businesses are able to create ads with many items in them rather than just one. Ads for single products must hit the bulls-eye, while ads with several products can reach a wider range of consumers.

As such, modern marketers have efficient ways for building audiences of diverse demographics to help reach their goals.

Get Creative With It… Do Different Ads…

11) Post More Frequently

You can combat a decline in Facebook reach by upping your posting frequency.

Overall, total interactions per day on the social media site increase linearly with posts made each day, according to Dennis Yu writing for Social Fresh.

If you want your website visitors to increase you have to post more on social media and show up on people’s news feed more with your Facebook ads.

A further amazing tactic is simply increasing our posting rates as we saw from his research that there was an upward trend even though people were using less time-wise going forward which means more attention span being focused at once towards one post instead of many small ones spread across days or weeks apart.

12)Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has become a major player in the video space and marketers are taking advantage of their new streaming service, Facebook Watch.

Every month 1 billion users view videos on Facebook’s platform that includes Facebook video ads in them!

This is huge for advertisers because it means that people love watching content when they want instead of waiting until TV or cable networks air things at scheduled times–and there are no commercials either so viewers can watch all day long without having any breakups between scenes (which often irritate them).

One recent experiment found 2x as many clicks from ads than before; not only do these get clicked faster but also provide tons more creative possibilities thanks to quirks within Facebook video ad format called “video posts.”

Video ads are the new frontier for advertisers because they can be up to 240 minutes long, providing limitless opportunities with storytelling.

But we recommend keeping it short and sweet – according to Facebook’s data on captioned videos increasing view time an average of 12%.

Bonus Tips For Facebook Advertising:


13) Account Structurization is key

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your audience, but they’re very different from Adwords.

Facebook has budget levels that you can control at the Facebook ad campaign set level instead of just in campaigns and this allows for much greater precision when targeting certain demographics or geographic areas with low traffic rates among other things.

Facebook also offers many more features than Google Ads does on Facebook Ads Manager including easy conversion tracking which will allow advertisers like yourself more insight into their ad campaign performance.

This makes it even easier to optimize future expenditures and increase brand awareness based on metrics such as sales conversions rate per dollar spent!

When you’re choosing a campaign, make sure that you know what your marketing goal is.

When you’re managing multiple ad sets get help from the Facebook ads manager, break them out based on a new target audience segment or refined targeting.

To determine where your lowest cost per acquisition is, you can cycle through your existing campaigns to see which ones are performing the best.

14) Dynamic Ads Are Important

Dynamic ads can be the highest ROI strategy eCommerce sites use to bring back hesitant customers by showing them tailored ads based on their activity.

You’ve probably seen large websites like Amazon do this with offers for products they recently visited from Facebook, which is a great example of how dynamic advertising works!

With dynamic product ads you can display single or multi-product ads to customers who have visited your site based on products they viewed, added to the cart, and even purchased.

With a few clicks of their mouse customer’s browsing activity is recorded so when it comes time for their check out there will already be content available in place!

This means no waiting days before being able to show up in search results which drive traffic straight back at you.

Now Test These Facebook Ads Tactics

Now is the time to test these Facebook ad strategies on your target audience and see if they work.

The best way for you to find success with marketing in this day and age, whether it be social media or other digital marketing channels is by constantly testing new things out there.

It’s important not only because of changing consumer demands but also due to making sure that what works continues into perpetuity; which means getting off track can happen at any moment so it’s better to stay ahead like no other!

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