Top eCommerce Marketing Trends for 2020

Hello everybody. Welcome to Surge. This week we will talk about the actual trends in 2020 and what you need to do to differentiate your eCommerce business. Top 3 eCommerce Industry Trends in 2020: Online Branding, Omnichannel Marketing, and Nurturing Your Customers It’s very hard to make predictions for the new year. But we speak […]

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integrated internet marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing

Online business owners must have measurable objectives and goals. Achieving operational objectives through the use of Integrated Internet Marketing is only possible if the efforts are targeted, measurable and adaptable. When properly implemented, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan drives targeted traffic to a website, converts prospective clients into paying customers and can creates years of repeat customers. By measuring, analyzing and improving integrated marketing efforts, these objectives can be met and exceeded.

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