How to Work With Indifferent Clients

It takes a vey special type of person to be a teacher. You must be patient, kind, selfless, and passionate. One of my cousins is just that type of person. When I ask her how her “kids” are (because she calls her students her “kids”) and she launches into an hour-long conversation about their ups and downs, I’m not surprised. I was, however, quite surprised at her response when I asked about the parents of her students.

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Affordable Rebranding: How to Create a Genuine, Consistent Brand on a Budget

For many companies, there comes a time when the branding that has been utilized for decades no longer fits the bill. This is usually due to a large change, or several large changes, like a change in the marketplace, a merger, an out of date perception, or brand limitations. Whatever the reason, your current branding is no longer serving your company the way it should be, the next step is clear: it’s time for a rebrand.

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Why Clients Must Play A Vital Part in Online Marketing – And How To Convince Them To Do So

The relationship between a client and their marketing agency is reminiscent of that of a child and parent. The marketing agency, taking on the role of the parent, must be fully prepared to nurture and guide. Think back to when you were a moody teenager arriving home to be met with the usual, “what did you do in school today?” from one of your parents. You probably responded back with a brief shrug and the standard “nothing”.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Money On An Online Marketing Strategy (And Tips On How To Make The Most of It)

I’m sure you’ve felt skeptical about spending your money on marketing services before. Everyone does at one point or another. When you own a profitable business, it’s often easier to think you can do it all. You’ve long envisioned your busienss growing, from top to bottom, solely with your sweat and tears. I’m also sure you thought it was also financially efficient to keep everything in-house. This is all understandable and, to a certain degree, it makes sense. One doesn’t just hand their kids over to a stranger.

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