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Sell eCommerce Products Facebook Video

Top funnel marketing is a necessity. You then guide the consumer’s purchasing journey to a conversion or purchase. Optimum7 marketers use Facebook for the top funnel and can explain how to sell eCommerce products using videos on the social media platform.

Videos on Facebook and Youtube are relatively cheap forms of advertisements with the potential for large returns on investment. Some brands like Dollar Shave Club became popular and sold many products through their viral video strategy. A well-produced, strategic video can earn a million impressions for $1,000 or less if you’re able to capture the targeted audiences’ attention for sixty to ninety seconds.

Obstacles With eCommerce Facebook Video Ad Campaigns

What are obstacles for eCommerce business owners with video marketing through Facebook, YouTube, and retargeting?

Business owners have problems with the creativity required. This is why you need to work with an agency. Creativity and video production need to represent brand quality. If you’re selling higher price point products with poor video or production quality, customers will not be impressed.

Finding the right marketing agency is also a challenge. They need to give you creativity as well as production quality. People want to see a video that grabs their attention.

If you’re introducing a brand new product to the market, the demand doesn’t exist. How does one introduce something that no one knows about, detailing the usages and applications?

One, you need a video. A single image will not tell that story. Two, you need to hire a marketing agency that knows how to identify a demographic within that niche. Product videos can prove entertaining.

Creating Demand for eCommerce Products Using Video

People may not seek a specific product. With ample data gathered over the past 15 years, that the Optimum7 marketers have generated through various campaigns, they can determine semantic niches within that targeting.

A customer may not look for a product, but the data will reveal what they like. If they like or purchase X, they might like Y.

At the end of the day, business owners struggle. They have to both find a production agency and manage actual content distribution. Both tasks can prove difficult.

Targeting People In Real-Time

Consumers are changing because they appreciate the small and maybe medium-sized businesses coming up with these genius marketing strategies ideas and videos. They comment, “Wow, this is an awesome ad. I’m going to try the product just because of this ad.”

You could go for a humorous video or a sad one. Humor usually works better, but consumers started recognizing the quality of the brand by the ads that they do.

One coach that Optimum7 trusts will always say, “Consumption equals conversion.” Most business owners in eCommerce don’t understand that they’re looking at the KPIs. They respond, “3 million people saw this, but how much money did I earn from it? What’s the ROI on this ad?”

You have to assess the ROI of their brand. Showing clients the numbers will convince them.

Nielsen recently released a report. It provides data about the brand and why Facebook videos are important for your brand if you’re an eCommerce business. This blog host has the link to the report enclosed.

How do the marketers execute a project?

Consider this scenario. A prospect reveals they have five ”cool” products. They don’t have any product videos and want to do Facebook paid marketing. The marketers will translate the “cool” quality into tangible advertising videos, tutorials, and so forth.

The Step-By-Step Process

What’s the process?

The process involves determining the ideas, how the storyboard looks, and how the client wants to represent that brand all the way to executing the campaign. Brand guidelines are a significant help if a client has one.

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