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20 Best Bigcommerce Apps and Functionalities To Increase Conversions

BigCommerce is a leader in the SaaS eCommerce platform world. Thanks to its innovative and customized approach, countless businesses have reached new heights with BigCommerce.
Furthermore, it offers tiered pricing that makes it accessible for all types of businesses regardless of size. This helps them reach more customers than ever before!
BigCommerce provides the most comprehensive suite of platforms and services for eCommerce. Not only do they offer a full range, but the BigCommerce app marketplace full of the best eCommerce apps available. It also provides you with great customer-facing features like live chat or an app store that not many other companies can match!

Why Having These Apps On Your Online Store is Important

The BigCommerce app ecosystem is vast and diverse. With third-party BigCommerce apps, you can take advantage of an ever-expanding marketplace. You can create a business model that is right for you!
The flexible SaaS platform offers limitless possibilities in building innovative products or services. While still maintaining a decentralized back-end where customers are king at all times with unlimited storage capacity per product.
With different apps being used for many purposes such as creating some of the most popular functions. This eCommerce platform also includes software that has marketing features like email drives or promotional offers. They can be sent from your storefront according to your marketing strategy to improve customer engagement. Other features provide performance and conversion metrics for product pages and inventory management tools. This allows store owners to oversee pricing information about products as well as when they’ll be shipped out. All these happen automatically without any manual intervention required by them personally (in what executives call “smart routing”).

Best BigCommerce Functionalities For Smart Searching, Sorting, and Customizing


 1)Advanced Search Functionality

Advanced search functionality help shoppers on your eCommerce store find exactly what they want with this feature. Display product names and thumbnails in real-time as users type inquiries into search bars. Improve the navigation on your website by showing customers the products faster. This feature can filter different categories on the search results page including color, size, etc.
Most eCommerce systems don’t come with an advanced search system out of the box. So it’s crucial to enlist an experienced professional team to deliver this functionality. A 3rd party agency might cost you up to $7,200 annually but Optimum7 can clone this functionality at a fraction of that cost.
You can get more sales for your eCommerce website by using a better search function. The ASF shows shoppers detailed search results that update while they are typing. The results come with pictures for a better display and easier navigation.

2)Year Make Model (YMM) Finder

Year make model (YMM) finder functionality allows users to drill down to find the products that they are looking for.
They simply choose from three related categories such as make, model, and year to find items that meet their exact specifications.
This functionality is ideal for those who sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and automotive parts.
This YMM Finder for Shopify, Bigcommerce also works with custom eCommerce Platforms. You are able to model search on your Shopify store or Bigcommerce store from a variety of options depending on your product type.
This is a custom solution and is not on the Shopify App Store. The search and model app options on Shopify and Bigcommerce are limited.
Depending on your eCommerce Platform, the YMM Search can work on your search results, filters, or as a mega menu. The YMM rows are optimized and integrated with your Shopify or Bigcommerce via API for validation purposes.
The payment gateway also knows these settings so that a mass update via our solution for the YMM data will always work. We can customize this solution based on your eCommerce needs.

3)Custom Product Pages

You may believe you’re stuck with a default product page layout because you’re using a hosted cart, but you’d be wrong. We can create custom product pages or a custom display for product options. This will improve your customer’s shopping experience drastically. This means higher conversion rates just by rearranging your product pages and product options. So if you sell computers with 20 options (CPU, memory, RAM, hard drive, etc.), you could arrange them in a way that makes more sense to you and your customers. Custom product pages and option re-ordering can also increase your conversion rates.

Custom Product Pages will change the layout, functionality, and styling of their product page. So it can better suit their brand and increase their conversions. With many eCommerce platforms, advanced coding knowledge is required to edit product pages. And with the few platforms that allow for non-coding customization, your options will be limited.


Best Bigcommerce Apps For Marketing Your Products

 To grow your eCommerce business, you need the right marketing strategies. A successful eCommerce business has to focus on utilizing proper marketing channels to grab the attention of its target audience.
You can use these tools for SEO optimization or social media campaigns. That will give your Bigcommerce store social proof and bring back existing customers or new customers and establish brand value. All while keeping up-to-date with modern trends in digital advertising methods like email ads and etc.
One of these is search engine optimization. This includes keywords or meta tags on website pages to make them rank higher in results listings. When customers do searches related to their products and services offered online through various channels Google and etc. because they are more likely than others to have an interest in what’s being sold by this particular brand name!
This also includes making sure all content published across different platforms (blog posts, tweets…) has relevant information about each product along with plenty of pictures. So potential buyers know exactly what they are going to get if they decide to buy from your store.

4) Justuno

To grow your business and boost sales, you need to run multiple marketing campaigns. With so many different types of drive and goals for each one- they can be hard to keep track of all the time!
But don’t worry because Justuno does everything in its power to simplify this process by tracking conversions. This is why it’s easy as pie when evaluating how well campaigns were able to do their intended tasks: attracting new leads or customers.
For example, you can use some strategies to reduce cart abandonment on your website. Such as running campaigns that include time-sensitive exclusive offers and token codes.

Justuno offers:

  • Support & Managed Plans
  • Mobile Optimized Pop-ups (SEO Friendly)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Marketing & Sales Analytics
  • Intelligent Segmentation and Targeting
  • Advanced Pop-Ups & On-Site Messaging
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling with Commerce AI Functionality


MailChimp gives you Advanced Email marketing solutions that offer a lot of chances to grow your sales.
But manually emailing leads and consumers takes up so much time. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you had to send every customer an application verification or email every single purchase.
“Hey Barbara! I hope all is going well,” says Marketing Manager Jane from ABC Company in her most chipper voice. So don’t waste time and resources sending emails manually because Mailchimp can do it faster than you, for you. With the Mailchimp BigCommerce app, automate your email selling.
You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a promotion again, all email marketing is automated! For example, when consumers leave your website without purchasing the items in their cart this tool will automatically assign that cart to that user’s email.
You also get access to extra features such as sending private feedback surveys with customized responses. All based upon user behavior patterns. While encouraging users through personalized notifications via text message/e-mail about new shipments arriving during processing time periods; retaining customer relationships by only showing relevant content.
You can also see income reports to make sure your emails are having the desired effect.
Mail chimp Bigcommerce app offers one of the most essential email marketing services. Tool has  hundreds of excellent reviews in the BigCommerce App Store
Conclusion: Mailchimp is a must-have to maximize your email marketing.



You can use the ViralSweep app to create social contests, giveaways, coupon codes, and instant win promotions. You’ll be able to collect email addresses from everyone who joins in for current or future content based on what you’re doing now!
For voting competitions, this will help you sky-rocket the engagement levels of your online business with email marketing. In the meantime hashtag campaigns will make your campaign go viral fast. And don’t forget user-generated content like photos & videos. They work very well as proof that everything is going smoothly with just one click of a button.
There are plenty of ways to make your campaign or promotion more exciting. You can award participants for taking desirable actions like referring friends or following you on social media. This will improve your social proof. They not only increase the chance of other people entering into the draw but also encourages them!
The app will give feedback about how close someone is towards unlocking a prize. It even gives an idea of whether one might want to take another step in doing something specific such as liking a post. Not only does integrating these features help you manage your campaigns easier, they will also increase participation.

7) Facebook Easy Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your target audience. If you’re just starting out, it can be confusing and hard. With over 2 billion monthly active users and no shortage of potential leads, there’s truly an opportunity for everyone on Facebook!
But, before diving in headfirst, make sure that you know your budget. As well as knowing who exactly will see these posts once they’ve been published.
The Facebook Easy Ads application does all the heavy lifting for you if it comes to ad-making. You don’t need any prior expertise with Facebook Ads as this app helps you with most of the difficult tasks.

With this app:

  • Attract new customers with ads on Facebook feed, Instagram Stories, and Google Shopping
  • Bring back visitors who abandoned their cart. Get a second shot at making the sale with powerful retargeting ads.
  • Bring back visitors who abandoned their cart. Get a second shot at making the sale with powerful retargeting ads.



SMSBump is the perfect tool for eCommerce businesses looking to market their products with SMS.
The platform integrates perfectly into the BigCommerce platform. Allowing you to take advantage of a growing audience and an easy way to connect customer data from other sources like email lists or lead forms as well.
SMSBump is a powerful and innovative service that will change the way you do SMS marketing. SMS messages are great because they’re targeted. So with this tool, anyone can create engaging campaigns by logging in once to set up their campaign structure!
You don’t even have to go through hours of work building out complicated sequences. Just choose one from many pre-programmed templates or build your own custom message. Right then and there using simple text editing options if needed too.
The SMS platform for eCommerce businesses is a must. It allows you to collect customer data, register subscribers, and execute personalized messages.

BigCommerce Apps For Swift Checkouts

9)Bolt Checkout

Bolt is a customizable checkout and fraud detection system. It simplifies the purchase process for customers.  So store owners have more time to focus on what matters most.
Unlike other solutions available Bolts’ simple yet powerful features make it ideal as an eCommerce solution.
Bolt is the perfect solution for store owners who wants to focus on their brand while giving customers more options. People have a lot of choices when shopping online these days. If you don’t provide an excellent experience people will leave your site or shop elsewhere.
With Bolt’s checkout technology that prevents fraud. Business owners can devote all their energy to growing brands & customer base. There are no complicated technological challenges left with Bolt!


In eCommerce, one of the most frustrating places to lose a customer is at checkout. The very last step in their journey can make or break how they feel about your store and whether it becomes an enjoyable experience.
Fast is a service that simplifies the checkout process for customers. And prevents them from getting frustrated.
Frustrated customers at the last step result in cart abandonment because of unnecessary steps.
Fast provides an essential service when it comes down to eliminating frustrating steps. Creating accounts or remembering passwords at checkouts, which can be one of the most irritating parts of shopping online!
Conclusion: Fast is a must-have. If you are looking to eliminate the chance of losing your customers at the checkout fast is the right app for you.

BigCommerce Apps For Branching To Other Sale Channels

One of the most important things to remember when selling online is that there are many channels for marketing. By branching out into multiple markets, you open yourself up to wealth in new customers and potential shoppers. Who may not have known about your store before.
It makes sense if someone shops around. Because companies with different prices can often offer similar products at lower rates than one another.

11)The Marketplace Connector by CedCommerce

Walmart Marketplace is a platform for third-party vendors to list their products on the Walmart website. Started in 2009 by expansion into the eCommerce space. With the launch of an app called “The Marketplace Connector”.
This move was made possible through pressure put by resellers who needed another marketplace. Where they could sell goods to potential customers at competitive prices. Thanks to also having an automatic repricing feature ensuring that your item’s prices always stay up-to-date.
You receive Walmart.com orders through your BigCommerce account with the help of this app.

12) DataFeedWatch Shopping Feeds

DataFeedWatch is a powerful optimization platform. The app can process product data feed for more than 1 million products. One of its most useful features, which makes it an excellent choice among marketers is its easy-to-use templates!
With pre-designed designs, you’ll be able to create an error-free feed with little effort at all.

It allows the store owners to –

  • Create, edit and map their product feeds by setting up complex rules, Edit fields like Description, Title, URL, and more.
  • Include or exclude the products with only a few clicks for seasonal or out-of-stock items.
  • Assign Google categories to products easily.
  • Use powerful optimization tools like regular expressions and look-up tables.
  • Copy feed set-up from one channel and expand to new platforms such as Pinterest, Bing, and Criteo.

BigCommerce App For Product And Order Management

The benefits of an automated order management system are clear. It can minimize the time you spend on labor and paper-based processes. And ensures that orders go through quickly even when they’re coming in from many channels at once.
There are also plenty of BigCommerce integrations available which make ordering easy as it gets.


Skubana helps brands achieve profitability by managing their inventory, and business intelligence.
Skubana’s platform synchronizes data from your entire organization. So you can focus on providing customers with an excellent experience. Instead of worrying about logistics details. Like distribution networks or transportation costs for delivery.
With multichannel technology at hand, it becomes easy to forecast demand accurately. They plan out when products will need restocking without having any worries whatsoever.

BigCommerce Apps to Supervise Customer Feedback  and Support

The modern business has to be on top of its game and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Bigcommerce apps for customer relationship management are a must if you want a competitive edge. They help businesses manage the data of the customers.
Automated actions can establish constant contact with your customers and provide customer support. all this can be enabled through powerful BigCommerce integrations. Companies can fully take advantage of these apps without having any worries about human intervention. While still getting all those valuable insights needed for future decisions to be made right.


Chatbots have become a common way to communicate with customers. Tidio is the best app for live, real-time chat communication on the BigCommerce store. And it’s perfect for engaging in both customer service and lead generation efforts for your online store!

BigCommerce Apps to Manage Payments and Security

eCommerce businesses need to have secured payment processing. These apps must be able to transfer online payments, client data. They are best off doing so by using BigCommerce plugins.
These high-level security measures assure customers that their sensitive data is safe from an attack. All while providing peace of mind for both parties involved in transactions.


Signifyd has made it its mission to solve the challenging problems that eCommerce businesses face. Such as:
-Billions lost in chargebacks
-Customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines
-Operational costs due to tedious manual transaction investigation
Signifyd has a cloud platform that automates fraud prevention through real-time machine learning. Allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk. Signifyd’s guaranteed fraud protection covers merchants against chargebacks associated with unauthorized charges.



NoFraud is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that protects eCommerce businesses from fraud.
The app uses thousands of data points, employing every known technology in one centralized system. Ensuring your security on any device with its real-time identity verification capabilities.
NoFraud’s card verification process protects you from fraud. The need for manual card review to sustain legitimate customers is over. Any occurring fraud on any order passed by NoFraud is covered by them. The business owner gets reimbursed in case of charges being disputed by major credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.

BigCommerce Apps For Accounts And Taxes


A SaaS company focused on solving sales tax problems for eCommerce businesses. TaxJar has the solution to your problems.
They put an emphasis on customer service and technology. That will help you keep track of where they need economic nexus in order for business activities within their state or province.
You can easily automate your sales tax management with TaxJar. Switch to simple, order-based pricing with no extra implementation or support fees to help you and your business succeed!

18)QuickBooks Online

Manually entering data from your BigCommerce store into QuickBooks Online today? Experiencing accounting errors that take up valuable time and energy to resolve manually each day? Or want some help with the complexities of integrating different platforms like this one? If so then QuickBooks is just the right tool for you.
With QuickBooks, you can work faster and be more organized. The simplicity of the app makes it easy for entrepreneurs or eCommerce site owners to get started with the program.
For example, there are tutorials that will help teach users, how to use its best features to make business accounting entries.
In addition to providing ease of access through user-friendly functions. The app tracks your sales and bills and notifies you about your expenses according to your bank credits. My favorite feature in this app is its auto-generation of profit and loss reports and balance sheets. This app is a complete replacement for a bookkeeper

BigCommerce Apps to Manage Shipping & Fulfillment

19)AfterShip & Returns Center

Online retailers are well aware of the struggles that come with fulfilling orders and ensuring they reach customers on time. They also have to handle hundreds if not thousands of customer calls every day asking “Where my order?” And when unhappy consumers return products for a refund, it is a daunting task trying to keep up!
AfterShip is a powerful and versatile post-purchase game changer for merchants. With its easy courier integration, shipping costs comparing, automated tracking updates, proactive delivery notifications to help you track your packages from inception through fulfillment all the way back when they’re delivered (to make sure it’s done right!).
After Ship offers two apps in one. Aftership provides order tracking and returns processing services. While also providing an option within BigCommerce stores called Returns Center. Where customers can conveniently return items themselves without any hassle!



You can track and manage your orders from any source with ShipStation. Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, lower your shipping costs ShipStation can improve your ways of doing business.
With direct integrations to over 70 of the best-selling channels, you’ll never have trouble tracking what’s going out for shipment! The software applies actions based on criteria set by users like yourself. So that everything is ship ready in no time at all. And it doesn’t stop there: saving valuable seconds whenever possible sounds good too.

ShipStation’s Features:

  • Import, Manage, and Ship With So Little Effort
  • Easy Returns
  • Troubleshooting and Support
  • Checkout Delivery Rates

Can’t See What You Were Looking For?

At Optimum7, we do custom programming, development, and functionality for your taste. And design the best eCommerce app possible for your online store. We have executed countless custom functionalities for our clients on several eCommerce platforms. Such as Bigcommerce, Volusion, Shopify, 3DCart, and more.
If you have been told that certain functionality is not possible, contact Optimum7 to let us prove otherwise. We have helped eCommerce businesses to:
-Increase their average order volume
-Lifetime value of a customer
-Conversion rates
by implementing custom programming functionalities that have are tailored for each specific need. These custom functionalities range from advanced product search, all the way to custom integrations with other Inventory Management Systems. Optimum7 provides custom programming solutions tailored to the specific needs of each eCommerce business regardless of their platform.

What are some popular features that you can implement with your custom programming?

  • eCommerce Age Verification
  • Faceted Search and Filters
  • Conditional Shipping Options
  • Custom B2B Quoting Functionality
  • Delivery Time Slot and Blackout Dates
  • Ability to Ship in Multiple Boxes
  • Ability to Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Integration with Shipping and Tracking Systems
  • Page Speed Optimization

eCommerce Custom Programming is a necessity to keep up with the rapid evolution of eCommerce. Let Optimum7 help you create custom programming that will work for your business needs!

Learn more about custom eCommerce Development and Design from here.

At The End Of The Day

It’s your call to use these eCommerce apps or get a custom programmed app to increase sales, decrease time-consuming tasks, or save money by avoiding developer help. If so these apps might be just what the doctor ordered for your business growth.

The right ones can go a long way in helping manage your inventory without compromising quality control while also providing inspired designs that seamlessly integrate into any website design program.

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A digital marketing strategy is the path to profitability. Optimum7 can help you set the right goals, offer and implement creative and technical strategies, and use data and analytics to review and improve your business’s performance.

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