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PPC for Dermatologists

PPC, or Pay Per Click marketing, is a model of internet marketing that can help increase brand awareness and online visibility by advertising your business in front of a targeted audience on some of the world’s most popular websites.

This is a guide why this cutting edge marketing strategy is perfect for this industry, and how you can use to…

  • Get more patients
  • Earn more leads
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Stay competitive even in crowded markets

…and more.

Let’s define PPC and explain how it is useful for your clinic or office.

PPC Services for Dermatologists

PPC can be a difficult undertaking. At Optimum7, we’ve helped create and manage PPC campaigns for competitive markets for over 14 years. Our in-house strategists have the industry know-how to take your PPC campaigns beyond your expectations.

Our services include

  • PPC Management
  • Campaign Auditing
  • Mobile, Search, & Social Media Advertising
  • Video Ads

…and more.


How PPC Marketing Campaigns Work: An Explainer for Dermatologistsppc for dermatologists

When a dermatologist starts a PPC campaign, an ad for your clinic or office will run on platforms such as…

  • Websites (You’ve seen these in numerous sidebars and headers)
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

…and more. Each time one of these advertisements is clicked, a portion of the total budget transfers from the advertiser to the host of the ad.

PPC Keyword Research For Dermatology Clinics/Offices

Keyword research is a challenging aspect of PPC in all industries, but particularly for the dermatology industry. This research is done to discern the words people use to learn about your industry. Though it is called “keyword research,” a more technical way to say it might be key phrases. Your whole PPC campaign will be built around keywords relating to PPC campaigns. These will be particularly medical in some cases, but there will also be some casual language used by potential patients as well.

These might include…

  • Skin infection
  • Red circle on skin
  • List of skin diseases and symptoms
  • Cause of Rash

..and more. Keywords research begins as an intuitive work, but as you gather data you can actually see how common each piece of the equation is. This list of keyword phrases surrounding dermatology will grow and evolve based on trends, outbreaks, and seasonal conditions. Keeping up with keyword research is a full-time job. That’s why we recommend you outsource your efforts to expert digital marketers who know how to optimize PPC campaigns.

How Can You Improve The Performance Of Your Dermatology Clinic/Office’s

When you have a relatively inexpensive marketing strategy such as PPC, your dermatology clinic has ample opportunity to A/B test your marketing campaigns. This is when you run two different ads simultaneously to assess the performance of each one.

You can experiment with…

  • Headline text
  • Body text
  • Links to landing pages
  • The keywords displayed in the ad

As someone in a scientific field, you may want to control all variables in the ad except one, which lets you understand the impact of different creative directions in your ad.

Average Increase in Website Traffic


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Select The Right Bidding Strategy To Maximize PPC Results For Your Dermatology Clinic

Your dermatology clinic’s PPC campaign will have different outcomes depending on the bidding strategy you use. The dollar amount or other spending structure a company sets aside to certain PPC campaigns is known as “bids”. Different goals require different bidding strategies, and expert digital marketers can let you know the best ones depending on what you want to accomplish.

Let’s say you want to maximize conversions on your website. Conversions are actions someone browsing your website might take. In the case of dermatologists, this could be filling out an appointment form.

  • Conversion-based strategies let you devote all your resources to a specific conversion-based goal.
  • Impressions-based strategies are excellent when you need to maximize your brand’s visibility. You can structure “cost per thousands viewable” or vCPM strategies.
  • If you really want people to click on a special offer or announcement such as opening a new office location, you can do CPC or Cost Per Click strategies.

One thing you have to make sure you do from the start is create a clearly defined goal or set of goals. You’d be astounded how common it is to forget your mission when evaluating the success of a month-long campaign.

Create Targeted Landing Pages For Your Dermatology PPC Campaigns

Visit the homepage of your dermatology office’s website, and you are likely to see an overload of options and information that people who found you from a PPC ad simply don’t need. Instead, you should create landing pages that are devoted to the purpose expressed in your advertisement. The objective of your PPC ad might have been “schedule a dermatology appointment,” or “use this coupon code”. If you send people somewhere that doesn’t clearly make the value of your advertisement available, they are likely to leave your page as soon as possible.

Create Mobile PPC Ads For Your Dermatology Pratice

Many potential dermatology patients are checking their phones for information while inspecting some aspect of their skin that upsets or irritates them. Over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and over time, those numbers are predicted to grow. You may be correct in assuming that you won’t make many sales on mobile devices, but many people open up their laptop or sit down at their desktops if they find the information they like on mobile devices.

…and that’s why…

Remarketing PPC for Dermatologists: Find Patients Who Visited Your Site

Remarketing is a particularly effective element of PPC marketing for dermatologists. In this tactic, people browsing your website on their mobile devices are shown ads for you on their desktop devices. These are super effective ads that tend to have low costs per acquisition and move patients farther through the funnel.

Use Ad Extensions to Increase Click-through Rates

Ad extensions are an important PPC strategy for dermatologists to understand and use. Ad extensions are extra items of information that enhance advertisements. Typically, they will be…

  • Phone numbers
  • Extensions
  • Reviews/testimonials

..and more. These are important for potential dermatology patients who want to get in touch with professionals who can help them right away.

Outsource Your Dermatology Brand’s PPC Efforts To Expert Marketers For Best Results

PPC is a strategy that evolves constantly. Monitoring and optimizing your campaigns is a full-time job. You have enough on your hands with caring for dermatology patients. When you outsource your efforts, you get a full team of experts who use cutting edge data, analytics and other marketing tools to deliver the best results.