Reputation Management

Reputation Repair

Whether you know it or not, your company could easily be reviewed on the internet. The widespread use of the internet has given consumers a medium with which to broadcast their opinions and feelings about your company. If you are not aware of your internet presence, this negative attention could go unnoticed by you. In this struggling economy it is important for your business to stay on top of its image and reputation. A bad online reputation can hurt your business by deterring potential clients and investors and decreasing consumer confidence from current clients.

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Yelp Reviews: How to Manage and Improve Them

When first launched in 2004, neither of its founders, Jeremy Stoppelman or Russel Simmon, thought it would become the phenomenon that it is today. For the past 8 years, Yelp has brought the “Food Channel Connoisseur” and critic out of all of us. Last month alone, had about 21.5 million unique visitors. They have not only made their way into millions of users homes and workplaces through their website alone, but they are present in the palm of our hands every time we ask Siri about the best place to have dinner in town. Who would’ve thought? People actually do care to express their thoughts and feelings online about a business… Of course we do! We love to think our opinion has value. And it DOES. We have been empowered!

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Reputation Management for Politicians & Political Scandals

If there is nothing else that voter’s look at when considering which candidate to vote for, they look at reputation. Your reputation as a politician is the driving force of your career. What does your reputation have to say about you? Not quite sure? Go see for yourself. Take a moment to check out Google. Type your name in the search box and see what comes up. The stories present on the first page of Google are the most relevant as it is the first bit of information inquirers are met with when conducting a search. What is the most prominent information on Google revealing about you? Do you like what you’re learning about your reputation at the hands of the media?

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Get Your Mugshot Removed from Google

It’s no secret that a professional’s online reputation now has direct consequences on how they’re both perceived and treated in traditional offline social and professional circles. An increasing number of employers are implementing social media policies which tightly control how their employees can interact in their online lives, restricting what they can and cannot do […]

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