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How to Guest Blog and Build Authority Backlinks for eCommerce Sites

Ninety percent of Optimum7’s clients are eCommerce businesses. They need content marketing strategies with these clients, because SEO will earn them revenue. Experience has taught the developers this fact: most eCommerce sites with their main URLs and homepage will get all the backlinks, authority, brand mentions, media mentions, and sub pages. Their deep pages will […]

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Optimizing eCommerce Sales Flows & Nurture Funnels

 The Optimum7 members deal with eCommerce businesses as well as some lead generation businesses. Some service-based lead generation. That’s because there’s a lot of overlap when it comes to organic visibility. The team also develops custom functionality for service-based businesses. Clients report, “We’re having issues with our conversion funnels.” They then require assistance. Usually […]

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How To Build A Scalable Marketing Agency by Offering Ecommerce and Custom Development

Optimum7 has been in business for fourteen years. The managers know the pain points that are involved with growing your agency and scaling your agency. It doesn’t have to do with sales only, but rather specific checkpoints with your clients, your touchpoints, the results that you generate. Obstacles With Running An Agency What are the […]

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Development Partner

Why Do You Need A Development Partner If You Are A Marketing Agency?

 We work with a few marketing agencies. Usually, they’re not able to figure out the technical elements or the technical requirements for different projects or implementations. Then they need a partner like Optimum7. Technical Challenges for Marketing And PR Agencies What is the challenge for marketing agencies out there? If you’re a marketing agency, […]

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How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO (eCommerce Edition)

We have all heard the buzzword ‘Keyword’ and most of us know what it is. Most of us don’t know what a huge impact the correct keywords can have on the amount of traffic your website receives. Properly chosen and utilized keywords are at the fundamental core for improved search engine rankings. Poorly chosen keywords can mean continued oblivion for a non-ranking website. At first glance, the process of picking keywords seems easy – they’re just words that are related to your site right? Not necessarily so. Learning what rules govern keyword selection and using select tools to analyze and choose words is imperative for the success of any website.

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