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eCommerce Affiliate Dashboard

Custom Affiliate Dashboards

What is an Affiliate Dashboard? If you’re running large-scale affiliate programs, you’re probably also working with multiple affiliate networks. This means that getting an overview of your performance and revenue can be seriously time-consuming. Not only do you have to log in to various platforms to export different reports, but you also have to spend […]

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How To Choose The Right Technology And Platform For A Subscription-Based eCommerce Business

Over the past decade, subscription-based businesses have grown. Why? Businesses use this opportunity to increase their monthly recurring revenue. It is a phenomenal business strategy and a great business model. However, technology has not caught up to subscriptions just yet. Current platforms and solutions are not built to accommodate these types of businesses. Subscription-Based Models […]

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Post Pandemic Business Opportunities

How to Identify Niche Online Business Opportunities

Money can be made from practically anywhere; you just have to be creative, organized, and have your eyes open. There are many different ways to make money online. No, this isn’t any “Rich dad, poor dad” gig or an online pyramid scheme. If you really want to make some money, you will actually have to work hard for it. If there is an easy way, by all means, let me know. However, there a few things that can make it more efficient, like a well-thought out and formulated business plan.

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How to Trust an E-Commerce Marketing Agency

Prospects often come and say, “We’ve been burned before; we’ve had problems with our previous agency, marketing agency, or developers. They made promises they couldn’t keep.” and the results of a decision like this always come to the same place. Prospects can arrive from inbound leads or an outreach process with this burn. Due Diligence […]

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Industry Specific Marketing: Is Hiring An Industry Specific Agency Necessary?

Industry-Specific Questions For Marketing Agencies Clients have businesses in different industries. They can range from industrial manufacturing to entertainment, or service providers. The United States has hundreds of industries in the United States alone. Prospects ask marketers “Do you work with our industry? Have you done any marketing within our industry? Have you done any […]

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Email Automation for eCommerce Marketing

An email will always convert higher than paid or sometimes direct traffic. It will remain one of your highest converting channels. When managing your eCommerce customer base, you need email automation. Email Marketing Automation Basics Why is having automated email flows important? Automated email flows cover an important aspect of online marketing: actual nurture. If […]

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