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How to Critique Custom Design

Critique is a large part of what makes up great design. Feedback from a fresh pair of eyes can mean the difference between a hit campaign and a devastating flop. Designers often become so close to their designs that they just cannot accept that their work has faults. This is a habit we must break. […]

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Popular Social Media Sharing With a Focus on Pinterest

During the past few years, Social Media has become a significant part of our lives. So significant that it’s very rare to find people without a social media profile. The Daily Mail even went so far as to say that if you are not on Facebook, your employers and psychiatrists may think you’re a bit strange. According to the German magazine Der Taggspiegel, the shooter James Holmes and Norwegian mass murder Anders Behinger Breivik have one thing in common – neither one of these individuals has a Facebook profile! Ah-oh, maybe they are onto something here… The bottom line is that Social Media has become the daily “news headline we read every morning,” and if you’re not a part of it you’re automatically going to be labeled as questionable at best. Questionable is never a good thing when you’re doing business.

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Marketing Lessons From 3 Successful Facebook Pages

Crafting the ultimate Facebook page is not something that can be done in minutes. It’s a process that takes time and energy, but most of all, it takes clever ways to engage and inspire your customers once they click the Like Button. There are several companies that have been doing just that and their Facebook fans have soared. Zappos, Tiny Prints and Threadless have all found unique ways to successfully integrate social media into their marketing strategies. Let’s see what we can learn from each of them!

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Top 10 Mostly Asked SEO Questions by Prospects

Great SEO is never cheap. Cheap SEO gives you cheap content and cheap links and all you will get for it is poor results, even the possibility of a penalty or site ban from Google. Think about it… you wouldn’t even think about investing in toxic cleaning chemicals if you were an environmentally friendly cleaning service, right? Cutting corners simply won’t work.

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5 Rules for Optimizing WordPress Posts for SEO

There’s no doubt that WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) since its release back in 2003.  WordPress has given webmasters a user-friendly platform with over 18, 000 plugins to make their website’s building and blogging efforts a breeze. Many webmasters, however, fail to fully optimize their WordPress posts for SEO purposes. […]

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Banned from a Social Network? Avoid Sketchy Moves on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus

Creating a social media account for your business is a big step in the right direction as far as promotion is concerned. However, there are certain rules, guidelines and best practices that must be observed when promoting on these sites. It is not a free-for-all and certain actions can even get you banned. Getting banned from these top 4 Social Networks is easier than one thinks, especially if you skip the dreaded terms and privacy guidelines. But what we don’t realize is just how important they are to keeping social etiquette. While skipping over these terms for your personal account may not mean much, doing so for a business account can have disastrous consequences. Internet Marketers should be aware of these rules and restrictions before leveraging from any of these social media sites.

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