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Designing Business Cards in 2013

I have a bit of a confession to make. Growing up, I never wanted to be a web designer. In fact, throughout my life, I wanted to be a schoolteacher, a journalist, a filmmaker, a radio personality, an event planner…the list goes on and on. Now, if you actually take a look at my resume, you’d find that I actually explored all of these occupations in one way or another. But during my third year of college, I began to truly struggle with the question: what do I want to be when I grow up?

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Bridging the Gap between SEO Account Managers and Clients

Let’s face it, we all have “problem clients.” Even Donald Draper did. As account managers, we all wish our clients simply handed over whatever we asked of them, when we asked them, and blindly trusted us to do our job. I’d love to live in a world where clients understood that we were asking to do these things not for our benefit, but for theirs. It would be nice if any other agencies they worked with were equally as cooperative. Concentrating on their own agendas may not only harm ours, but the client’s as well.

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How To Find, Plan and Attend Networking Events

In every business it’s important to establish connections with other people. Whether it is in search of new clients or simply to meet similar industry experts, attending different networking events is a move in the right direction. These events can often be hard to find, and even when found, there’s no guarantee any value will come out of it. Plus, immersing yourself in awkward conversation outside of happy hour can often be a scary thought.

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How to Create a Responsive Web Design Proposal

As a web designer, I love what I do. I love creating mockups, I love coding, I love the research, I love creative solutions, and I love geeky glasses and extra large headphones. You know what I don’t necessarily love? Writing proposals, estimating timelines, and budgeting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly a deal breaker for me, I just don’t necessarily look forward to it. However, I do understand its importance and it is absolutely a necessary evil.

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Backlinking Strategies for Local Business SEO

As a local business, it’s important to gain recognition in your community. How can you do this? Online exposure can mean the difference between being a mediocre store and becoming a local icon. The older optimization methods are no longer effective in Google’s algorithm. Google has become much stricter with their ranking process for local businesses. Stuffing your content with local terms just doesn’t work and placing your website on just any directory might get you penalized. Whoa! You mean to tell me that I can get punished for submitting my site online? Yes, it’s happening…

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How to Re-Brand a Company and Re-Create a Logo – Presentation is Everything

You’ve done the research, you’ve mind-mapped, you’ve sketched out a million thumbnails, completed a few digital comps, drank 17 cups of coffee, and finally you have arrived. The moment we have all been waiting for is here. You have just realized that your logo concept has truly come to fruition. All of the terrible ideas, obstacles and frustrations from the project are now a thing of the past. All you feel right now is euphoria. Your work here is done. Clock out early, go home, pour yourself a glass of wine and turn on an episode of Family Feud.

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