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How Copywriting Fits into an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Despite its primary association with marketing and advertising, copywriting disciplines vary across work environments. Traditionally, copywriting was based on achieving direct sales through copy, a discipline that is generally found within traditional direct marketing and advertising agencies or traditional creative advertising agencies. But with the advent of digital marketing, the role of copywriting in marketing […]

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5 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Database Sucks

At Optimum7, we perform a lot of custom programming work for a wide variety of ecommerce solutions. We have had the privilege to work with open source systems like Magento and packaged solutions like Shopify and Volusion. Our ability to custom build CMSs and develop functionality deemed “impossible” by many development companies – in some […]

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Content Marketing for Universities

As a copywriter, you must be able to adapt to the internal processes of diverse industries. While each specialty of a given industry will have its own way of doing things, a copywriter will find it harder to work with some than others. Thus far, I have found it particularly difficult to develop content that […]

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Automating Your Project/Client Management System or CRM with Custom Podio Development

If you are a part of an organization that continuously evolves, tests new processes, pushes the limits of efficiency always wanting to grow, regardless of which industry you are in, you will need a very good project management system. It’s very important to have the right kinds of people working in your organization. Creativity, initiative, […]

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Are These 6 Things in Your Custom Programming Contracts? If Not, You Could Be Losing Money!

Although it’s the CEO/executives who sign the contract, it’s your job as the project manager to ensure that the contract covers all essential aspects of the project to prevent future disagreements between your team and the client. A well-developed custom programming contract not only helps you eliminate the unnecessary time spent on communicating with the […]

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Lessons I Learned as a Project Manager for a Small Business

Imagine a scene where an overworked programmer is trying to code (without being interrupted) when his extremely impatient boss walks over to his desk to ask him a question. Coding requires intense focus and concentration, which his boss knows, but he really needs an answer. How much time do you think the programmer has to get back to his boss? An hour? Maybe two? In our office, you’d be considered quite the optimist! He needs that answer NOW!

And let’s not forget the marketing manager! He’s busy messaging the junior programmer demanding that he finish a task that is way past due – which in our business can be as little as an hour.

And where am I? I’m the project manager who is tasked with keeping track of all this craziness and making sure projects move forward without interruption.

What can I say? Welcome to the glorious world of small business and project management!

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