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Industry Specific Marketing: Is Hiring An Industry Specific Agency Necessary?

Industry-Specific Questions For Marketing Agencies Clients have businesses in different industries. They can range from industrial manufacturing to entertainment, or service providers. The United States has hundreds of industries in the United States alone. Prospects ask marketers “Do you work with our industry? Have you done any marketing within our industry? Have you done any […]

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Email Automation for eCommerce Marketing

An email will always convert higher than paid or sometimes direct traffic. It will remain one of your highest converting channels. When managing your eCommerce customer base, you need email automation. Email Marketing Automation Basics Why is having automated email flows important? Automated email flows cover an important aspect of online marketing: actual nurture. If […]

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Faceted Navigation For eCommerce Websites

E-Commerce Faceted Navigation and Mega Menu: Increase Organic Traffic Fast

Many e-commerce websites leave a lot of opportunity on the table by not using “transactional long-tail queries.” An example of a “transactional long-tail query” might be something like “men’s slim-fit white dress shirt.”  Web owners struggle to rank for these because, quite simply, many CMS’s just aren’t set up to deal with something called “faceted […]

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Grow Your Agency Together

How to Grow Your Agency Through Partnerships

Building partnerships allow you to specialize and optimize your current competitive advantage. With marketing, different fields and practices exist, which demand different uses of time. The Optimum7 marketers are good at structure, backend, code, and customized e-commerce strategies. They don’t do PR, or earned media. Partners can help with that. Elements of Successful Agency Partnerships […]

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