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Oracle Commerce Cloud Layoffs of Developers; Migration and Options in Enterprise E-Commerce

Layoffs for Oracle Commerce Cloud developers have been shocking for experienced workers and users of the system. The former and awesome ATG Platform is downsizing their developer teams because Oracle Commerce Cloud is currently not meeting its goals. The remaining team members are looking to leave the situation because they also do not want to […]

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Why Should Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) be Done on a Monthly Basis?

Many business and e-commerce owners see conversion rate optimization as a one-time project. A client or prospect comes and says, “Here’s my e-commerce site. I’m earning six million dollars in revenue right now. Fifty percent of my traffic comes from organic Google. twenty percent from Facebook, twenty percent from YouTube, and ten percent from affiliates. […]

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International Enterprise Ecommerce in Emerging Markets – Africa, Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe

At Optimum7, ninety to ninety-five percent of business operations are eCommerce. Fortune 100 companies and larger international operations send requests to the marketers about going digital thanks to COVID-19’s financial impact. Challenges of Operating in a Global eCommerce Market When we talk about international e-commerce in emerging markets, what are some of the challenges that […]

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What the Hell Happened to Volusion? Complaints, Issues, Negative Reviews, Bankruptcy and Chapter 11

UPDATE 07/28/2020 Volusion seems to have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Get details here and here. For details on Volusion functionality, features, migration and other similar platforms, read below. For migration options, click here. ==== Does your company use Volusion as an ecommerce platform? If so, you probably know half of what I am about […]

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eCommerce Remarketing Strategies and Tools You Should be Using in 2020

eCommerce remarketing involves targeting customers who have made a purchase. Many tools will help you with this venture, and Optimum7 can recommend those tailored for eCommerce specifically. The Importance of Remarketing & Retargeting for eCommerce Businesses in 2020 Why is remarketing so important for eCommerce? With digital marketing, there are two ways you can really […]

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How to Create an eCommerce Apparel Brand

Many people want to build an e-commerce business online. That journey is not easy, especially for apparel. It’s incredibly competitive and you have to go through a specific path to get the right kind of product out there in the marketplace. Ninety percent of Optimum7’s clients are e-commerce; twenty percent of those are apparel brands. […]

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