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How To Hire an Adwords Agency

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can really help your business grow. But how do you know for sure if this service will be worth the investment?

The answer to that question lies in hiring an experienced company like ours. Which has years of expertise and success under their belt with Google’s advertising program and PPC campaigns!

What is Google Adwords?

Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is a platform for advertisers to create and manage their advertising campaigns.

This includes the search network, which reaches users through Google Search products like Maps or YouTube. It also has options that reach people on other websites if they have an account with Gmail ads.

PPC campaigns can be created and launched through Google Ads or targeted by specific keywords. The platform also helps you measure the success of a campaign, which is essential for ensuring that your efforts don’t go to waste.

Google Ads is a great way to reach your audience, but it can be challenging for beginners. That’s where an experienced PPC advertising agency comes in handy!

They optimize all of your campaigns with their expert knowledge on Google, and how it works best on different devices like phones or desktops, to ensure that you get the most out of them.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. It’s a form of online marketing that costs you nothing when you display your ad, but requires payment from you when someone clicks on it, or takes the desired action, rather than simply viewing and scrolling by without taking any action at all!

PPC is not the same thing as SEO (search engine optimization). The latter focuses on getting you to rank higher and quicker, without paying for ads. Many digital marketing agencies offer both services.


There are several reasons why you should hire an AdWords Campaigns Management company for PPC Campaigns:



1. Lack of Experience

So you want to run PPC campaigns, but don’t know where or how?

Though there are many resources available for learning the ins and outs of the AdWords account (Google’s advertising platform), it won’t do any good if your team has no experience managing campaigns and PPC services.

A professional team can help get real results from these complicated advertising techniques, by providing extra insight into what works best when optimizing costs (for example, cost per click versus conversion tracking pixel values). Similarly, they might recommend sending weekly google ads vs daily ones so as not to overwhelm customers with too much attention at once.

When you partner with a PPC management agency, your team has access to all the tools and experience needed for effective advertising campaigns. A preferred service provider in this field is able to provide guidance through any issue or problem.

2. Not Enough Time

Furthermore, by delegating these responsibilities to professionals, you’re able to redirect the time that’s taken up when working alone!

With the ever-growing competition on social media, many companies have found that they need to invest in advertising. However, with so much going on at once, it can be difficult for even an experienced team member to avoid getting pulled into other duties.

When this happens, your company may struggle without Google Ads running, which could mean lost business as well!

The solution? Outsourcing PPC Management Services to experts who know what they’re doing.

The modern advertiser must be able to balance their time between the tasks that keep them busy at work and those required to manage, and scale, a PPC campaign.

If you don’t have enough hours in your week for both of these priorities, then it’s best to let an expert take over. That way, they can devote all of their attention towards boosting conversions with Ads spend.

You might think that the most important thing in Google AdWords is to make sure your ads are generating a lot of clicks. But it’s also super beneficial if they’re bringing in new customers or retaining old ones.

Hiring a PPC Manager with experience will be able to help you set up and manage successful campaigns from start to finish! These agencies know how much time needs to be devoted to managing Google Ads accounts. So their expertise can give positive ROI over time without being pulled away by other projects.

3. Keep Up with Changes

You’re a busy, successful business owner who has too many things on their plate. Updating AdWords, or implementing new best practices for managing PPC campaigns, is not high up on the list of priorities!

However, it’s essential that you stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. If you want your advertising efforts to be effective, then it may not be ideal to juggle responsibilities.

This involves reading industry publications, attending conferences, and testing different methods to see what works best. If you don’t have a dedicated PPC expert on your team, then it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve when there are changes to AdWords.

If you do have an in-house PPC manager, and they’re juggling other responsibilities too, then you’re likely to find that your team is frequently behind on implementing new best practices for managing PPC campaigns anyways! They won’t have time to keep up with these updates and do the PPC optimization if they’re doing everything themselves already.

Unfortunately, trends in the industry will only continue to shift over time. If you find that your PPC ads are not effective, or they aren’t generating the expected ROI, it could be time to consider an agency.

Their primary business is managing AdWords campaigns and they take on many clients with similar needs. Since they remain up-to-date on all changes at all times, your AdWords manager will know how they apply specifically to your strategy. This means better performance overall!

4. Tracking Isn’t Accurate

Without accurate PPC campaign tracking and monitoring, you may end up losing money. Tracking the performance of your Google Ads campaigns is vital for getting a good idea about what’s working well or not in AdWords.

However, this can be hard work. There is a lot of technical expertise that’s required of each department that takes charge when something goes wrong (or right!) within an organization.

PPC advertising can be a powerful tool for businesses, but it’s only as good as those who track your campaign results.

Accurate reporting will show which ad placements and keywords are bringing in conversions. That way, the next time an advertiser invests in PPC advertising they have more information on where their money is actually going – rather than just seeing “sales.”

If you’re not sure how to track the elements of your PPC campaigns, consider working with an agency. Agencies know what needs tracking for optimization and how to get the maximum value out of your ad spend in AdWords.

In order to make sure that all your bases are covered properly, it may be best to work together with a reliable collaborator on this endeavor. There is nothing more important than thoroughly accounting for campaign performance so as not to lose any money, time, or other resources due to poor results.

5. Cost-Efficient

With the cost of talent being so high, outsourcing professional Google PPC services is more affordable than recruiting and retaining an in-house team.

DIY PPC may seem like a cost-effective way to go at first, but lack of experience can cause you to spend more than necessary in the long run.

A specialist knows how to get the best out of your marketing budget. They’ll find a way for you that is both effective and cost-efficient, delivering quality results without sacrificing any time or energy in the process!

6. Lots of Mistakes

Dangling negative keywords, or not having enough of the right keywords, in your ad group can cause mistakes. Even the tiniest of gaps will throw off a campaign and cost you dearly.

One error can cause it all to fall apart – that’s just how Google Ads works.

Misaligned bids could end up costing you more money down the line because they lead ads onto irrelevant sites where their performance might be low due solely to this. Misaligned bid prices mean that some keywords may show up high on searches but won’t get clicked, while the lower-ranked ones are now significantly less likely to draw any attention.

It’s a good idea to outsource your PPC campaigns if you’re noticing any mistakes. An agency has more experience than someone in-house, and is likely to be much less prone to making costly errors with their AdWords management – because that is what they do for work!

Whether they manage pay-per-click (PPC) ads or search engine optimization (SEO), there are always ways for an agency to improve performance based on analytics information, such as the keywords used during targeting campaigns.

You’ll get the best Google Ads campaign results when you work with an agency. You benefit from their experience and expertise, as well as having other professionals at hand to check your work and ensure that it’s effective!

If something goes wrong on one of these campaigns, be ready. There are plenty of people who know how to fix problems like this quickly.

7. Not Seeing Results From Your Google Ads

One of the most common reasons that a business will decide to partner with a Google Ads consultant company is because they just aren’t getting the desired results from their PPC campaigns.

Despite your team’s best efforts, if they don’t focus 100% of their time on managing your Google Ads, then there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on important opportunities for optimization.

PPC agencies know all there is to know about AdWords management. They have developed processes that can help you boost click rates, cut costs, and improve the quality of leads coming through your company’s PPC campaigns.

They achieve this by doing keyword research, as well as conducting a thorough competitor analysis, which will allow them to develop successful campaign strategies for their customers. Like you, who very likely wants to earn maximum return on their advertising budget investments!

A PPC agency can give you a competitive edge in your industry. When they have experience working with other companies that are similar to yours, it helps them identify which tactics will be most beneficial for your campaigns. Their knowledge of optimization techniques gives them an entire toolbox full of tips & tricks to help optimize over time!

7 Questions to Ask Your Google Ads Agency

1. How are your management fees structured?

When you’re looking at different agencies, be sure to ask about their billing structure.

Some will be based on ad spend, while others charge a flat, monthly fee. There are also some who calculate hours worked, in addition to how many ads were placed by the company, as part of their estimate for all services rendered during that particular month or year.

Have an understanding before you commit so that there are no surprises when invoicing time comes!

2. What type of management is included with your management fee?

Beyond the standards listed above, what are you actually getting for your money?

Make sure that there’s a clear agreement on the ongoing level, and frequency, of PPC management. Get specific with your interrogation: What’s included in “management?”

  • Keyword grooming?
  • New-ad creation?
  • Manipulation of existing ads?

3. What type of strategy do you foresee with our business goals?

Your agency should be able to discuss some initial approaches (SKAG, journey-based advertising, etc.) that can help you to reach your business goals. This doesn’t mean an agency will provide a free Google Ads strategy for just about any industry or type of company though. It’s just important for you to know that they understand what you’re looking for before getting started!

4. Can you tell us about similar accounts you’ve managed successfully?

Your new PPC agency may or may not share client names, but they can provide some high-level information about similar Google Ads accounts they’ve managed.

5. What if we don’t have a Google Ads account already?

If you don’t have an Ads account yet, ask your agency about the process and what assets and credentials it’ll need from you to get started ASAP.

To run a successful campaign, your pay-per-click ad agency should be able to quickly set up your:

  • Campaign structures and settings
  • Payment options
  • Tracking

6. Do you have a monthly minimum ad spend?

There are a lot of agencies out there, so do your due diligence and find a google AdWords consultant that is upfront about their minimum ad spend.

7. Are we able to see actual spending within Google Ads, or do we pay you and you pay the bill?

For all the purse strings that hang in your Google Ads account, you should be able to see where every penny goes.

In some instances, you’ll pay an agency a bulk sum and they will be responsible for paying the ad bill but not provide “actual spend” numbers.


If you’re not the kind of person to handle PPC campaigns, then partner up with an established company that specializes in managing AdWords. These experts know all there is about this complicated system and will be able to guarantee success for your campaign. Because when you partner with an AdWords management company, you are benefiting from the expertise of a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of PPC campaigns.

Still can’t decide? Contact Optimum7, a top-rated digital marketing agency, and we will create a custom marketing strategy for your needs.

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