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Getting Effective Feedback from Design Clients

I cannot stress enough the importance of effective feedback in design. Gaining effective feedback is the best way that we can improve our work. But how do you coax this type of response from your clients? In this week’s post, I will discuss how to get the best possible feedback from your clients so you can create the best work, and ultimately achieve the best results.

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The Importance of Being Proactive with Design Clients

In all honesty, working with clients can be one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. There is nothing better than delivering an excellent site, and watching the stats go up because of improved usability, design, speed, or responsiveness. Unfortunately, clients can also be the most challenging aspect of my job. I’ve written extensively about designer-client relationships in the past, and discussed how to nurture certain client personalities (like the indifferent client) and why it is so important to include clients in the design process.

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Optimum7’s New Client Strategy

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing quite a bit on updating processes and streamlining the way marketing agencies should handle their clients. Typically, marketing firms work by department – design, copywriting, marketing, social media, etc. There is absolutely no problem with each department working independently. I’m a strong believer in working with a team of specialists, rather than a single person who “seems” to know everything.

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How to Work With Indifferent Clients

It takes a vey special type of person to be a teacher. You must be patient, kind, selfless, and passionate. One of my cousins is just that type of person. When I ask her how her “kids” are (because she calls her students her “kids”) and she launches into an hour-long conversation about their ups and downs, I’m not surprised. I was, however, quite surprised at her response when I asked about the parents of her students.

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Why Clients Must Play A Vital Part in Online Marketing – And How To Convince Them To Do So

The relationship between a client and their marketing agency is reminiscent of that of a child and parent. The marketing agency, taking on the role of the parent, must be fully prepared to nurture and guide. Think back to when you were a moody teenager arriving home to be met with the usual, “what did you do in school today?” from one of your parents. You probably responded back with a brief shrug and the standard “nothing”.

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8 Tips to Make Design for International Clients a Breeze

If you ask any designer what the most difficult aspect of his or her job is, you are most likely to get a response that concerns client relationships. If we lived in a perfect world, all clients would understand grids, Helvetica, color theory, and visual hierarchy. However this is by no means a perfect world- which actually does work to my benefit, because if we did live in a perfect world and all my clients knew what I know about design, I’d be out of a job.

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Tips on Client Satisfaction in Internet Marketing Consultation

Attaining and maintaining client satisfaction is clearly important in any business.  However, because Internet Marketing and Consultation is so poorly understood by many, it presents a challenge for those providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Search, Social Media Optimization and Conversion Optimization as we do here at Optimum7. Another key hurdle is […]

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