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Choosing the Right PPC Agency for Your eCommerce Business

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC advertising, is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and become renowned in today’s business climate. In this article, we clarify the all-time question “How do I choose the right PPC agency?”. eCommerce PPC is especially tricky since you cannot really create thousands of ad campaigns for thousands of products. eCommerce PPC with Adwords has to be a specialized approach for Bigcommerce and Shopify Businesses.

How to Choose the Right PPC Agency for eCommerce

PPC campaigns empower your brand to reach your target audience with high levels of success, which facilitates increased traffic, leads, and even conversion rates. The key here lies in choosing your PPC specialist wisely.

You can improve the likelihood that you’ll do things efficiently the first time by collaborating with a professional who possesses the appropriate expertise. This includes everything from knowledge about the specific platforms available to the capacity to create personalized strategies based on research and feedback gathered through customer interviews.

What is a PPC agency?

A PPC agency is one that specializes in running the ads in your PPC campaigns across diverse platforms, such as:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Search ads

However, bear in mind that other types of agencies might include PPC management in their package of services as well. Meanwhile, a PPC agency might offer other services, but PPC would be a particular specialty. This is why it’s important to find the right collaborator, so that you can ensure they match with your specific needs.

Why PPC is so important?

PPC Marketing is an effective and cost-efficient way to market your company.

Before we get into how you can find the best PPC Agency for yourself, let’s talk about why investing in this medium might make sense!

Paid Media has been shown, time after time, to be a powerful tool for generating leads, reaching customers, and acquiring new ones too.

If these goals are a top priority for you, then there’s no doubt that advertising through pay-per-click is worth the time it takes for you to find the right collaborator.

With $106.5 billion spent on PPC search advertising around the world in 2019, it’s no surprise that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

By 2022, worldwide spending is projected to reach a whopping $132 billion.

Google is clearly winning out here. Conservatively, if we calculate for every dollar advertisers spend using their platform, they can get close to 8%. From social media to paid search, PPC is a smart way to see quick results.

So, if you’re looking to boost your online sales, combining PPC management services with SEO efforts is definitely a good idea.

Successful PPC campaigns help you reach your target audience at the moment they are searching if done correctly and with a solid web design strategy in place.

PPC advertising is an option for businesses looking for increased lead generation and website traffic. It’s one of many tools that work together so that you can get ahead of the competitive market climate today and stay up-to-date with what consumers want tomorrow!

What Makes A PPC Agency good?

Making the right choice can be difficult but, don’t worry, we’ve broken down what you need to know about PPC agencies and how they will help your business succeed!

The right agency is professional, reliable, and goes to great lengths to provide you with a high-yield campaign. They recognize the importance of finding a clear understanding of your needs, as well, so they can strategize new ideas that improve ROI.

To do that, a great PPC agency has strong communication skills from day one of its relationship with its clients, whether it’s simply listening or actively asking questions during negotiations over rates for services rendered.

These are important factors because when working together as a team we all learn more about each other. There has to be a complete understanding between everyone involved so that any obstacles get eliminated.

They Focus On the Right PPC Channels

There’s no right or wrong PPC marketing channel, but it does depend on your end goal.

With the rise of online advertising, there are more options than ever for advertisers to find success.

Some agencies may only manage search campaigns while others consult on design and management with PPC. No two ads or companies will be alike in terms of their ideas, expertise, and skills, so it’s important you choose an agency accordingly!

First, you have to understand what you’re looking for.

When deciding on a PPC agency, it’s important to have clear expectations and goals.

Make sure the agency is in line with what you need by sharing them during meetings from day one!

They’re Consistently Up to Date

Google Ads and other PPC platforms are constantly changing.

Whether it’s updated to what makes an effective bid strategy to their algorithms for determining optimized landing pages.

Working with a great PPC agency that is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the changes and knows how to shift a strategy to meet them is key to seeing consistent results.

They’re Data-Driven

One of the great things about pay-per-click ads is that you can clearly see the revenue you’ve generated and compare it with ad spending.

Any solid digital agency is well-versed in various analytical tools and will continuously track the numbers to ensure that your campaign is up to par.

They will also utilize all results to strategize improvement ideas in case the performance is not satisfactory.

They are professional and will take the time to collect as much information from you, but they also share that data with their clients.

The best PPC agencies have an extensive database of their own first-party data as well.

Data-driven advertisers are skilled at leveraging the data that they have collected from your target audience. Thye can use it to create ads with a high chance of reaching and engaging potential customers.

They Consistently Provide Transparent Communication

Companies with a good culture will communicate about objectives, resources, and performance to you.

They also have the ability to uphold their values during projects by communicating relevant updates or concerns without expecting anything back in return.

This promotes open dialogue which can only lead toward success for everyone involved!

They should keep you in the loop and give a transparent explanation of everything that they do from start to finish.

They need to have independent access at all times as well, so there is no chance for any confusion about how your campaign metrics are being calculated and what their next move will be based on input analytics data feeds.

Finally, if anything goes wrong, then you should feel comfortable asking away. The agency you’ve chosen should want nothing more than to ensure that everyone has complete satisfaction with their PPC services!

They Understand Your Business Goals

When you work with a PPC agency, it is important that they understand your business goals and help make them happen.

Without open communication between the two parties — no matter what other traits are present — you will be hindered from achieving success.

Because there’s just not enough effort put forth by both sides towards coming together as partners who can deliver on promises made before time started running out!

They’re Experts at Keyword Research

The quickest way to see a return on your investment is by targeting commercial-intent (transactional) keywords.

These are people who are searching for things like “Buy Jordans” or “best SEO services.” They are ready, willing, and able buyers!

Advertisers sometimes use PPC advertising to achieve a variety of different goals.

Perhaps you want to grow your email list by generating more leads? Or, maybe raising brand awareness is more important for success on other marketing channels?

Whatever the case may be, there are many benefits from utilizing this type of digital-media buying strategy, so it’s worth looking into!

Campaigns are successful when the right keyword research tool and phrases are chosen to generate traffic for your ad campaigns.

Your PPC professionals should understand your campaign’s purpose before they choose what words or phrases could potentially help bring in more customers for you!

How Do I Know Which PPC Agency is Right for Me?

There are 7 questions to ask when evaluating potential PPC agencies.

1. What is your process when creating a PPC advertising strategy?

A great PPC agency does its research on your needs and has a strategic plan to help you achieve those goals. They can show this through the success stories they outline in detail, or by tracking how much money was raised for each campaign with Google Analytics data — this data is available from day one!

2. How do you communicate campaign results with clients?

You need clear communication of what your PPC advertising campaign is going to look like with your PPC specialists so that you can stay informed.

For example, monthly phone calls with team members and updates along the way (especially when major changes occur in strategy) are crucial for maintaining success.

3. Do clients have to create videos for Youtube ads?

It’s very important that you understand if the agency has specific expectations from you as a business. Many agencies offer additional services surrounding PPC management.

4. Will I have my own access to the PPC campaigns metrics?

You should have independent access to your PPC campaign data so that you can view and update it at any time.

This allows for greater transparency in monitoring spending on PPC ads and preventing unauthorized actions, such as deleting or changing settings without permission.

5. Are you meticulous and punctual?

A quality PPC agency leaves no stone unturned when it comes to strategy and analytics. They’re dedicated to helping you reach your goal, so they can provide comprehensive reports that scrutinize the entire campaign and filter out anything that doesn’t provide value for the cost.

A typical monthly report might include data like total impressions by day, over any given period, as well as conversion rates from ad click-throughs (CTR).

Though these could differ depending upon how closely monitored certain aspects were within each individual online store/website etc.

6. Will You Allow Me to Retain Control?

A final factor, similar to transparency, is a willingness to work with you, allowing you to retain control over the goals, areas of focus, and in some cases, even certain execution around your paid search campaigns.

Be prepared for advice and suggestions

It’s always a smart idea to listen up when an experienced PPC agency with years of experience and success under their belt is giving you advice.

They may tell you about improving your home page for conversions or redesigning landing pages so that they can increase sales even more!

Take the time to listen while they are explaining everything because you hired them for a reason.

Remember that this person knows their stuff, so it’s best not to interrupt or disagree without supporting data, in order to maintain positive relationships with your contractors.

How to work with a PPC agency

Now that you know how to find the right PPC agency, it can often be a little intimidating for clients who have never worked with a PPC agency before. What is expected of you as a client?

Have Clear Goals and Communicate Expectations

If you’re not clear about your goals, then it will be difficult to establish expectations with the person who is helping.

It’s important to understand your goals and communicate them with the PPC agency you’ve chosen. A good strategy will be one in which both parties are happy, so it’s critical that this process is collaborative from start to finish.

One Point of Contact

It’s important to have one central point of contact for communication with your PPC agency.

This ensures that there are no miscommunications, or wasted time, that can occur when multiple people manage the relationship. Additionally, it also helps to ensure that the contractor is confident they have the best and most accurate information throughout their experience with you!


It’s important to find the right PPC agency for your project. Investment in this process will pay off with a successful campaign.

So be sure you know what matters most. It’s important to ask questions, look for data and results of your research process.

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