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A Guide to Using Animated GIFs in an Email

The day after Thanksgiving, a close friend of mine forwarded me an email blast from Amazon that boasted their “Black Friday Deals Week.” Knowing I am a huge geek, she forwarded me the email not because she wanted me to be in on the special, but because of the way the email was designed. Instead of a standard HTML email, it contained an animated gif. For those of you who may not know, a GIF is a file which allows various images (frames) in the file to be painted with time delays. Think of the flipbooks you made when you were a kid. What? You didn’t make any flipbooks as a child? That’s so sad! Go grab a pack of post-its and a pencil, and let your imagination run wild! Need some inspiration?

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Designing for Non-Profit Organizations: Tips and Examples

I have a lot to be grateful for this year. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this because I know it to be true. I have a roof over my head, a great job, good friends who make me laugh, and family to support me when the road gets a little bumpy. More importantly, I know that not everyone has been as lucky as I have been this year. Because I feel especially fortunate this year, I have decided it is more important than ever for me to give back to those in need.

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Tall Website Footers and Why We Love Them

This week, our Senior Developer, Julian Beaujardin, and myself, launched the newest improvement to the Optimum7 website. Since I am especially obsessed with how the change has come out, I decided to devote this week’s entire article on it. This week, we have traded in our old, squat footer for a tall, dark and handsome […]

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A-Z Guide to Web Design

After last week’s rather in-depth article, I decided to post something a bit more light-hearted. I’d like to do something a bit more fun, and well, what could possibly be more fun than the alphabet? In this article, I will list a mini-glossary of Web Design terms. Feel free to use any of the terms […]

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Designing Websites on a Deadline

When I was in college, one of my favorite professors, Megan Fitzgerald, assigned a 20-page research project that would be due at the end of the semester. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why would anyone favor a teacher who gives out 20 page research papers?” Well, Ms. Fitzgerald was different. When she handed out the rubric for the paper, she also handed out a sheet with a list of dates that were approximately 3 weeks apart. She gave us a list of “mini-deadlines” leading up to the final deadline. Genius. She had given us a tool that would help prevent procrastination, decrease stress levels, and boost productivity. In my opinion, this is quite possibly one of the best time management concepts. In this article, I will explain how I have turned Ms. Fitzgerald’s rubric into a mantra for designing on a deadline.

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Pure CSS3 Spiderman Cartoon w/ jQuery and HTML5 – Look Ma, No Flash!

Update: 10/11/2011 New Animation; Making Internet Marketing Fun with Wufoo and CSS3 Dont have CSS3 animation capable browsers? Watch a video of the animation. Inspiration Searching YouTube for inspiration I stumbled on to the intro of the classic 1967 spider-man cartoon series. While watching I realized that the animation was very basic. It was the […]

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