Conversion Optimization

6 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Optimize Your Landing Page for Conversions in 6 Simple Steps

  The simultaneously loathed and revered landing page is probably the most important element of any digital lead generation campaign. A landing page can make or break whether someone bounces or submits their highly coveted personal information to you. Getting clicks on your ads usually isn’t too difficult a task, but actually getting users to […]

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How to Get Lucky On the First Date aka How to Convert Your Customers on the First Visit

It seems like you pull out all the stops and somehow she still says “Goodnight” and closes the door in your face when all you want to hear is, “Would you like to come in for a drink?” Unfortunately, getting lucky on the first date isn’t easy. Neither is converting your site visitors into customers on the first visit. Here are 6 tips to convert your customers on the first visit and get invited inside on the first date.

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