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Getting Effective Feedback from Design Clients

I cannot stress enough the importance of effective feedback in design. Gaining effective feedback is the best way that we can improve our work. But how do you coax this type of response from your clients? In this week’s post, I will discuss how to get the best possible feedback from your clients so you can create the best work, and ultimately achieve the best results.

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You Know You’re a Writer When…

Whether you write for your personal blog, a marketing company, are a published author, or just do it for fun, folks who find themselves in this line of work often encounter similar situations and share a very special kind of humor. And sometimes, rather than advice on writing or some kind of inspiration, we just need to take a break, laugh, remember that there are other people feeling the same frustrations and triumphs, and be reminded that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

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14 Tips to Help You Get Noticed at Your Next Career or Internship Fair

This week, I had the opportunity to attend my first career fair representing Optimum7. During the fair, I learned a great deal about how students, job seekers, and other employers present themselves. Because of this experience, I’ve decided to use this week’s article to help others understand what they should and should not do at the next internship/employment fair they attend.

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Freightquote API Shipping Integration for Real Time Freight Quotes of Heavy Items

Freightquote_logoUsing Volusion for your ecommerce store provides many benefits to you and your customers that strengthen the overall shopping experience on your site. From free templates to integrated one-page checkout, Volusion would seem to have it all. However, when it comes to shipping companies, you find that your options are limited.

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