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Custom Ecommerce Ordering Functionality for Styles, Options and Uploading/Editing Logos, Embroidery and More…

Custom products are one of life’s many joys. From personalized t-shirts and coffee mugs to throw pillows and ID cards, there are not many retailers who can give their customers that “made just for you” feeling. However, providing your customers with an easy way to select custom options in your online store can prove far more difficult.

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The Importance of Database Analysis before an Ecommerce System Migration

Marketing and consultation firms face a dilemma when talking to prospects that are planning an ecommerce migration. Unfortunately, prospects are all too eager to migrate but do not understand the importance of a thorough database analysis prior to migration. Database analysis is fundamental to the successful migration of your ecommerce site because the current system you’re using might have a database that is not organized to migrate.

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Web Design in 2013: What I’ve Learned for the Upcoming Year

Like many employees around the world, last week I took a vacation. I was out of the office from December 24 to January 1. It works out to be a total of nine, glorious days when you include the weekend. And it was truly long overdue. It was the first time since 2005 that I’ve had a true Christmas vacation – with no work, and no school. Folks, that’s nearly a decade. And I am truly too young for that.

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