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3 minute read

Advanced Customer Notifications and Alerts for eCommerce

Boost conversions, decrease cart abandonment and encourage your eCommerce shoppers to complete more sales by implementing smart notifications and alerts, and exactly the right time. Each type of notification is appropriate for a different point in your eCommerce store’s sales funnel. For example, you can create a sense of urgency on your website by alerting customers when an item they put in their cart is about to sell out. Encourage customers to return to the website by alerting them when a product is back in stock, or when it is time to reorder a product they bought before. The right notification at the right time can lead to more conversions. See details about these functionalities and more below:

1. Recent Purchase Notification

Increase your site’s credibility by showing users what products other people have recently purchased. This can encourage customers to complete purchases by demonstrating that other people liked your products, as well as upsell them on products they might have otherwise not noticed.

2. Back in Stock Notifications

Send users a friendly reminder when a product they wanted is back in stock. Users have the ability to opt-in if they choose to receive more reminder notifications. This feature can increase sales by bringing back customers who left your eCommerce store because an item they wanted was out of stock. We can customize the notification to include a promo code that will be added automatically to the checkout.

3. In Cart Item Sellout Notification

The In-Cart Item Sellout Notification functionality will inform your online shoppers when an item in their cart sells out. It will give the user the option to move forward with purchasing any other items that are in the cart as well as receive a notification when the sold out item is back in stock. Removing the sold-out item automatically, while notifying the user at the right moment, can decrease cart abandonment. This feature can also boost your conversions by reminding customers to return to your website as soon as the item is back in stock.

4. Backorder Product and Price Drop Notifications

Cut down on lost sales due to items being out of stock by offering a backorder option that will notify your customer when the product is restocked and ready to ship. This feature can also be used for pre-orders and customized to give the customer a timeline of when the product will be back in inventory, and when it will ship.

Make your eCommerce store more competitive by installing a notification that will tell customers when a price on a product has dropped. Customize your notification to let customers know when a product’s price drops below the current price point.

5. Custom Email Notifications Functionality

Send email notifications to your customers based on a set of preset triggers. Such emails may be sent after a specified amount of time has passed, a customer’s order has shipped, or a customer entered their email but failed to submit the order. These notifications automate and improve the customer service on your eCommerce store.

Implementing eCommerce User Notifications and Alerts

Showing a user the right notification at the right time improves the customer satisfaction and increases conversions. Contact Optimum7‘s experienced staff and learn more about optimizing your website to communicate more effectively with customers. We can help you implement these features and other custom functionalities on Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, Magento and 3D Cart.

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