3dcart to BigCommerce Migration

Decided to switch eCommerce platforms from 3dcart to BigCommerce?

Optimum7 helps you migrate your 3dcart eCommerce store to BigCommerce through an automated process that will not obstruct your existing eCommerce operations. With our 301 redirect software we guarantee that you won’t experience loss of data, organic traffic. We will gracefully transfer all your product data including descriptions, images, alternatives, SKUs, customers’ contact information, categories, and more onto your new BigCommerce platform through our exemplary automated migration system. We’ve helped thousands of eCommerce storeowners replatform from their outdated platforms to one more suited to their business needs. With Optimum 7 your new eCommerce website will be a positive and professional shopping experience for your clients while you reap the benefits of a modern platform.

What kind of data can be migrated from 3dcart to BigCommerce?

Supported Data
  • Products

    Migrate all of your product images, descriptions, product attributes, SKUs products and variants such as weight, pricing, along with the manufacturer’s information onto BigCommerce. Other sales-related information such as the quantity and price can all be migrated from 3dcart to BigCommerce
  • Product Categories

    Two important SEO attributes that are critical to any eCommerce website are the meta-title and description. Equally as important are the categories description and category images. These are all inclusive within the migration process.

  • Customer Order Information

    You’ll also be able to migrate invoices and with it, customer contact information gaining valuable data to analyze demographics to target the right pool of potential buyers. Along with the customers’ name, email address, telephone number, and company name, you’ll be able to acquire the order date, order status, product price, quantity ordered, tax price, shipping price, and order comments.

    Retain all of your current and past promotions. Any information that’s related to gift cards, coupon codes, Coupon from Date or Coupon to Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer along with the type of discount, the discount amount, and the amount spent can all be migrated to BigCommerce.

  • Product Reviews

    All of the information that’s related to products reviews will be migrated over to the BigCommerce platform. Fields such as Created Date, Rate, User name, Comment, Product, and Title are all part of the migration process.

  • Additional Options

    Migrate your 301 redirects during the eCommerce migration to avoid loss of or decrease in organic traffic. Re-organize your inventory to a proper parent/child listing by bulk editing your category names and descriptions without HTML tags. You’ll also be able to add custom functionalities that will improve shoppers’ buying experience. Do all of this and safeguard your product images URLs.

    For blog posts, migrate the category descriptions along with all of the images and product descriptions related to each post.

Type of Data Migrated
  • Product images and descriptions, product attributes, product variants, SKUS
  • Categories and category images
  • Customers’ contact information
  • Invoices, coupon codes, and other sales-related information
  • Additional: Manufacturer's info, purchase orders, coupon codes, etc.
Additional Options
  • Re-organize your inventory to a proper parent/child listing
  • Add custom functionalities that improve shoppers’ buying experience
  • Safeguard your product images URLs with watermarks
  • Bulk edit your category names and descriptions without HTML tags
  • Clear all default data preloaded on target store before migration

How It Works

  • Send Mass Email
    1. Request a Quote from Optimum7
  • Get Phone Calls
    2. Provide All Shopping Cart Details
  • Bullet List
    3. Choose All the Data You Want to Transfer
  • Replace Filled
    4. Optimum7 will Migrate the Data
  • New Online Store
    5. Review & Enjoy Your New Store!

Ecommerce and BigCommerce Marketing

Switching platforms or websites might be potentially risky for your search engine rankings. Most marketing experts are very cautious while working on these migration projects.

With thousands of product pages on your BigCommerce site, these migrations must be executed carefully. If the migration is done incorrectly, it can result in multiple 404 error pages. These 404 pages could cause you to lose your rankings and authority within days and destroy years of hard work.

Our specialists have compiled a list of critical data you’ll need to migrate from the 3dcart platform to BigCommerce. With the guidance of our advanced execution, you can safely migrate your store to a new and improved platform while retaining all the SEO ranking authority you’ve built up over the years. We know all the technical details of BigCommerce server settings to implement 301 redirects the correct way. (Htaccess, apache, admin settings etc.)

Optimum7 staff is very well versed in BigCommerce PPC (Paid Search), BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Amazon, Ebay, Jet, Walmart, Shopping Comparison Engines, Inventory Management Systems, CRMs and all levels of integration.

We have already migrated more than 2,000 eCommerce stores!

3dcart vs. BigCommerce


  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Good site speed
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Limited design options
  • Paid features come standard in other platforms
  • Limited multi-channel selling support
  • Outdated templates and themes


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • High Speed & Security
  • Built-in Marketing Features
  • Good Customer Service
  • Platform and Credit Card Fees
  • Default 5-Step Checkout Process
  • Limited Email Subscription Lists
  • Locked-In from Migrating Carts

Why migrate with Optimum7?

Optimum7 provides a fully automated migration that doesn't require any programming skills on your part. Through our services, you’re guaranteed to achieve an effortless and successful switch, free from bothersome bugs and glitches. You’ll have a newly established store that will provide the transformation you're looking for with everything in tact.


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What Is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has been the leading seller of e-commerce platforms for years, helping many online stores built on its platform succeed. It’s a SAAS service that provides high scalability and flexibility with features to fit any need you might have in mind when starting your own business from home or work!

BigCommerce is a powerful platform that has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs get started in e-commerce.

Some big name clients include Ben & Jerrys, Kodak, Toyota among others as they can use the site’s features to create their own online stores easily with 24/7 customer support from experts on hand if needed!

BigCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, also provides help for beginners who might be unfamiliar with how things work before beginning the construction of your shop or business entirely from scratch. BigCommerce offers a great eCommerce platform with many features already built in.

The store owner does not have to pay extra for what they need or hire outside help, as BigCommerce provides everything you could ever want in your online shop on top of the paid subscription package that comes standard! BigCommerce offers a wide variety of packages to suit most customer needs.

Its paid package includes multiple themes, an SSL certificate, web hosting, and advanced SEO optimization options which makes it a one-stop solution for businesses who want stability in their eCommerce store before they even start selling!

Advantages of BigCommerce over Other eCommerce Platforms

BigCommerce offers many features that are not found on other eCommerce platforms. We’ll share with you the most important reasons why Big Commerce will be the perfect fit for your business!


BigCommerce has the scalability to meet many more customer needs. This means it can easily scale beyond what was expected with other eCommerce platforms, and have capabilities that significantly exceed expectations when compared side by side.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The BigCommerce team has some of the most advanced SEO tools on the market. These features allow a store owner to optimize their marketing techniques without having any difficulties in doing so, and they provide excellent results too!

Built-in Features

The BigCommerce platform is designed to make it easy for users who want a store of their own. All that’s required are the features, which come built-in!

Selling and Distribution

BigCommerce is the leading e-commerce platform for small businesses. BigCommerce store allows you to sell products through different channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and more!

What Is 3dCart?

3dCart is a new eCommerce company, but they’ve been making waves in recent times.

The brains behind this outfit are Gonzalo Gil; he previously developed shopping solutions and customizations for many different types of online merchants all over the world! Gonzalo Gil, the founder, and CEO of 3dCart, is well known for his ambition. He really wanted to provide one-stop shopping cart solutions under one roof which led him in devising this platform.

As he felt it would be perfect as an eCommerce solution with all products available on-site without having customers go searching elsewhere.

3dcart offers a full range of features, has apps and amazing SEO tools that make it one of the best eCommerce platforms. With multiple integrations available for your business needs you can’t go wrong with this product!

3dCart was created with the goal of making e-commerce easier. 3dCcart developers are constantly working on ways to make your online store more successful and innovative, so you can focus less time managing it yourself or marketing products through social media sites.

Advantages of 3dCart over Other eCommerce Platforms

3dCart is a revolutionary, cutting-edge eCommerce platform that offers you many features not found on other platforms.

We’ll share with you the most important reasons why 3D Carts will be perfect for your online store!

Secure Administrative Interface

3dCart’s administrative interface is a very secure way to manage the store without compromising customer information.

Data like system access, inventory, and invoices can all be accessed on any computer that has internet access through 3dCart’s cloud storage platform which means you don’t have to worry about losing important data when away from your own personal devices!

Ease of Sale

Sellers can now use 3dcart to promote their products and make the ordering process easier for customers. This means that a business owner’s time is not wasted on tedious tasks, as it would be on other platforms!

Free Templates

You can make your online store stand out with 3dCart’s many customization options, and they’re all just a few clicks away. Their customizable themes or templates will fit into any brand image!

Customer Support

There is always a team of professionals ready to help you with any issues that arise, and if their expertise isn’t enough they can call on an outside support network for additional assistance.

Main Differences Between BigCommerce and 3dCart

3dCart and BigCommerce both have been highly successful in the e-commerce industry.

It’s difficult for a new store owner to choose which suitable platform is best suited for his/her online store, as 3dCart or big commerce offers many features that make them equally popular among shoppers today. For years, BigCommerce and 3dcart have been the two main competitors in e-commerce.

By drawing a comparison between their capabilities to help business owners choose which features they prefer, we can conclude that both platforms do indeed offer benefits depending on what region or niche you are looking at.

However, there might be certain areas where one does better than another based on an individual’s preference for design/functionality over price point.


There are different types of online stores, and each one has its own purpose. One store caters better for certain needs than others do- BigCommerce or 3dcart can be good choices depending on what you’re looking to sell as well as who your audience is going to be at heart.

BigCommerce is one of those e-commerce platforms that help you get your business up and running fast.

With its easy-to-use features, users can focus on the important tasks while BigCommerce takes care of everything else like payment processing options for multiple currencies or integrating with other apps.

3dCart offers a unique and easy way for startups to start their online target store.

It’s open to new users, it has everything built-in so you can easily build your target store without worrying about any technical skills or knowledge needed; 3d cart even provides templates!

Online Store Templates and Themes

BigCommerce provides a great selection of templates to suit any business’s needs.

With over 140 paid themes, there is an option for every type and style – from modern designs with flat colors or light backgrounds that are perfect if you want your website to look clean yet professional.

All the way down through dark saturated ones in case we’re talking about something edgy and sophisticated like apparel brands might need.

3dCart offers more than fifty themes that are free of charge, giving its customers a full variety to choose from.

Themes come in all shapes and sizes with professional designs for each one offering unique looks tailored specifically towards users’ needs at any given price range or package deal they desire.

Add-Ons and Integrations

BigCommerce is not just a hosting service for your online business, it offers you the opportunity to purchase apps too.

The E-commerce Apps Marketplace has an extensive variety of options that will help with any aspect needed and there’s no need to worry about getting lost or confused because each application has its own helpful tutorial videos on how they work!

3dCart is the perfect app store for any online business. Not only does it provide an extensive list of integrations and add-ons, but 3D cart’s RESTful API provides you with the flexibility to build your own connections as well!

Sales and Shopping Cart Solutions

BigCommerce delivers flexibility, ease of use, and an extensive platform with one-click sales for all types: physical items like clothes or shoes; virtual products from apps on your phone.

You don’t need to download additional software because it’s built right in! BigCommerce is the best place to get your shipping needs covered.

Now you can choose from real-time quotes and free delivery for consumers, print labels on-site with just one click of a button in Big Commerce Shipping app that comes preinstalled on their website templates, or use third-party integrations such as DHL, USPS & FedEx so they know automatically what will be sent out when!

With all these great features like tracking numbers that show exactly where an order is at any given time, it’s no wonder why more online stores are migrating from 3dCart to BigCommerce every day. BigCommerce provides an extensive set of tools, with SSL security certificates that protect your information.

BigCommerce makes it easy for you to send an automatic email once your customers have left their products in the cart. You can personalize these emails and offer some discounts too, which should encourage shoppers who are on the go!

With BigCommerce, you’ll be able to sell your products on every major social media site. Not only that but with its multichannel integrations and customer data reporting tools at your fingertips from the dashboard. It’s easy for retailers who are just starting out in e-commerce!

3dCart makes SEO functions visible and easy to access across the website. Furthermore, some pop-ups remind you of filling in some important information that can help increase your rankings on search engines for both local searches as well as those conducted via Google or Bing.

This will lead people who are looking online about what products they might need from 3dCart to find yours at top positions when searching! 3dCart offers abandoned cart notifications to let you know when a customer cancels their order.

Customer Support

There are different ways to get in touch with BigCommerce’s support team, depending on what plan you subscribe to. If your issue requires quick resolution and live chat or phone calls just isn’t going to cut it for a specific time of day (or night), then BigCommerce offers 24/7 email as well!

3dCart offers its customers a 24/7, 365 support service. They’ve got an email and phone number for those living outside of America too! Plus they can be contacted through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if you want them to answer your question there as well.


BigCommerce provides customers with a monthly package that has fees for different needs. From small to large orders, each plan offers an option for you and your online store!

BigCommerce Pricing Plans: Standard – $29.95 / month, Plus – $79.95 / month, Pro – $249.95 / month, Enterprise – Variable pricing

3dCart provides monthly pricing with a free trial and is available on all major operating systems.

3dcart Pricing Plans: Startup – $19 / month, Basic – $29 / month, Plus – $79 / month, Pro – $229 / month.

Payment Gateways

BigCommerce gives its customers the option to choose from a list of payment gateways, such as PayPal or Apple Pay. It offers about 50 different options for this feature!

3dCart has a wide range of payment providers to choose from, which is great for any size or kind of business. The customer service staff will help you find what’s best suited to your needs!

SEO Features

SEO is a very powerful tool for online stores, businesses, and software to keep in mind if they want their products or services successful. With so many people using search engines on daily basis it is crucial that your website shows up when someone types something related into Google or other similar searches out there.

BigCommerce has built-in SEO tools that allow them to ensure their site is of the highest standards, and they also provide Accelerated Mobile Page formats so you can rank well even when browsing on other devices.

3dCart’s optimization tools help businesses optimize their website for search engines and outlets. It has a set of built-in themes, which are optimized by the Core Template Engine that integrates AMP product pages; an AJAX code structure to make browsing faster with no interruption or delays during page loading.


How to migrate from 3DCart to BigCommerce?

Optimum7’s fully automated 3dCart to BigCommerce migration service will make your migration from 3dCart to BigCommerce simple and quick. You won’t have the headache of bugs or glitches slowing down the BigCommerce migration process, as we do all data migration work for you! With our data migration services, achieving success is guaranteed with an effortless switch up; no programming skills are required at all. Your BigCommerce store can stay running smoothly after switching over too.

What data can be migrated from 3DCart to BigCommerce?

We migrate data from 3dCart to BigCommerce, including product images and descriptions; SKUs for each item in stock (variants if applicable); category/category image changes on the site.

Customers’ contact information such as name or email address can also be updated with data transfers over via API calls when necessary – this helps keep your customer base up-to-date about what’s new!

In addition, there are all sorts of other goodies stored here too: invoices & payment receipts after an order has been placed plus any coupon codes offered during time spent shopping on our website.